Infrastructure Strategy 2022

EDHECinfra and BCG benchmark infrastructure investor peer groups

In 2022, global assets under management for infrastructure investments will reach a record high of $950 billion. As the number of infrastructure investors increases, strategic questions grow in importance. How should investors select their exposures to different segments of the infrastructure universe? What  risks and returns can they expect, and what strategic choices can they make to develop their portfolios? What has been the experience of different investment peer groups so far? For investors, has the direct investment model delivered as well as accessing infrastructure investments via fund managers has?

“Infrastructure Strategy 2022” is the first in a series of annual publications by BCG and EDHECinfra exploring the state of infrastructure investment globally. The report provides a new perspective on the investment styles and risk-adjusted performance of different groups of infrastructure investors. It also includes a spotlight on an investment theme expected to continue to play an increasingly significant role in the strategies of infrastructure investors: data infrastructure.

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