Eaton Vance (Video)

Emerging Markets Debt: Seeking opportunity through country selection

Michael Cirami, Co-director of Global Income, discusses why country selection is a driver for finding opportunity in emerging markets.

US High Yield: Selection is important for 2020

Portfolio manager, Kelley Baccei, shares why selection is going to be very important for US High Yield in 2020.

Floating-rate loans: Outlook for 2020

  Co-director of Bank Loans, Andrew Sveen, discusses why he is optimistic for 2020.

 Global Policy & Politics

Eric Stein shares his thoughts on the impact of policy and politics and what this could mean for the global markets in 2020.

US Small Cap within a challenging environment

With a challenging macro-backdrop, exposure to high-quality stocks is key for US small-cap investing in 2020.

US Small Cap investing in 2020

Identifying strong earnings growth, in our view, will be key for active small-cap investing in 2020. 

Opportunity for Small Cap Investing

Despite geopolitical tensions, Director of Global Small-Cap Aidan Farrell, shares his views on opportunity for small-cap investing.

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