ESG is the most pressing question facing our industry, but how do we bring it all together?

When we meet prospective investors, ESG is now firmly at the top of their list of questions. In a seemingly short period of time, it has quickly become one of the most talked about areas among real estate investment professionals.

“ESG has become an integral part of the investment process. Ever since the implementation of the EU SFDR regulations investors have started to incorporate a broad range of criteria into their core assessments and decision-making processes. It’s no longer an option, but an obligation,” says Sandrine Fauconnet, European ESG Manager at Cromwell Property Group (Cromwell).

For the real estate industry, the topic of ESG raises many difficult questions. Traditionally not the most forward-thinking of sectors, we now find ourselves in the eye of the storm, especially around sustainability. According to the UN, real estate is estimated to account for 40% of carbon emissions.

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