History Resumes

Last November, thousands of US families suddenly started feuding across their breakfast tables, and people were startled to discover they had been “unfriended” on Facebook. Before that, in June, a similar phenomenon was seen in the UK. French families and friends may be about to undergo the same experience.

The election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency, the UK’s vote to leave the EU and the upcoming French presidential elections are all remarkable in that politics suddenly matter to people again.

As populism grows across the developed world, other geopolitical phenomena can be observed too: the growing assertiveness of China, India and Russia; the destabilisation of the Middle East; the multiplicity of terror events; a large and growing migrant crisis.

It’s not just families and friends who are waking up to new realities. The response of the Western liberal media is little short of frenzied, alarm bells are ringing in boardrooms and investors’ noses are twitching. Geopolitical risk is back.

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