Brookfield Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager, focused on investing in long-life, high-quality assets across real estate, infrastructure and private equity. With over $160 billion of real estate assets under management in both direct and indirect investments, we are one of the largest global investors in real estate, owning and operating an irreplaceable portfolio of iconic properties located in the world’s most dynamic markets. Our portfolio spans multiple asset classes, including office, retail, multifamily, industrial, hospitality, self-storage and student housing in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

As a global firm, we employ over 80,000 people in more than 30 countries while working to create strong, profitable businesses. As these businesses grow, we commit to best-in-class environmental, social and governance practices, mindful of the important role they play in fostering long-term value creation.

Investors can access our strategies via three main channels:

• Private Funds: targeted direct closed-end and open-end funds with long-term investment horizons.

• Public Securities: liquid listed strategies with a variety of flexible and scalable investment mandates, including separate accounts, registered funds and private funds.

• Listed Partnerships: stocks with a perpetual investment horizon, consistent distribution yield and flexible capital allocation.

Investment principles & strategy

Our business philosophy is to:

• Invest where we believe we possess competitive advantages;
• Acquire assets at values that maximise return on capital;
• Leverage our operating expertise to enhance the value of our assets; and
• Recognise that superior returns often require contrarian thinking.

First and foremost, we are value investors with a contrarian point of view. Our investment strategy is simple: utilise our global team of investment professionals, our vast network of employees across our operating businesses and our industry partners to acquire high-quality assets at favourable valuations and finance them on a long-term, low-risk basis.

By making operational improvements to businesses that form the backbone of the global economy, we are able to generate steady cash flows across market cycles.

Strategic corporate development

We are committed to being a world-class alternative asset manager; investing in high-quality assets that earn an attractive, risk-adjusted return. Looking ahead, we are focused on the following:

• Enhancing returns and asset values;
• Maintaining excellent client service and expanding our investor base;
• Sourcing deals and investing at or above target returns;
• Preparing for the next series of flagship funds and launching new products;
• Optimising the value of listed issuers.

We believe the current environment is favourable for business growth. There continues to be a strong demand for real asset strategies, attractive investment opportunities and favourable financing conditions. We are well positioned with large-scale capital, established execution capabilities and a strong client base. We believe the execution of our business strategy will continue to generate value.

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