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  • ESG - The Intent Beyond the Income

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    ESG: The Intent Beyond the Income


    ESG is playing an increasingly meaningful role in fixed income investing. At Barings, we formally integrate ESG across our corporate credit asset classes—but the way we apply our analysis is necessarily different due to the nuances of each market.

  • 2020 Views from the LPAC

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    2020 Views from the LPAC


    Over our 25+ years of investing across private markets, Barings has held hundreds of Limited Partner Advisory Committee (LPAC) seats. From this vantage point, we offer the following insights on the issues and actions currently under debate between LPs and their GPs.

  • ESG in Fixed Income - Progress Over Perfection

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    ESG in Fixed Income: Progress Over Perfection


    Fixed income investors have been slower to adopt environmental, social and governance factors, but change is afoot. Barings’ experts explain how fixed income managers can—and are—driving tangible change among corporate debt issuers—and why investors need to pay attention.

  • The Irrelevant Election

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    The Irrelevant Election


    With voters so divided and angry, the outcome on November 3 will be consequential for many reasons—just not for the stock market.

  • Coronavirus & Inflation in Advanced Economies - Slower for Longer

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    Coronavirus & Inflation in Advanced Economies: Slower for Longer


    If consumers manage to recover quickly and healthily, thanks in part to so much public money being put in their hands, supply may fall short and inflation could come back.

  • Consumers Are Betting On Herd Immunity

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    Consumers Are Betting On Herd Immunity


    There is much optimism in a rebound in PMIs, but the fear of a second wave is in the back of many minds. Trade deals continue to come about.

  • Will Europe Waste The Crisis?

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    Will Europe Waste The Crisis?


    Investors should be rooting for EU leaders as they attempt reforms that do more than just ease the immediate pain.

  • No Liftoff on the Horizon

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    No Liftoff on the Horizon


    The Fed Funds rate is set to remain at its zero-lower bound for several years, while the BOE and BOJ assess current policy next week, and more trade deals appear on the horizon.

  • The EM Default Picture - More Nuanced Than Headlines Imply

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    The EM Default Picture: More Nuanced Than Headlines Imply


    The coronavirus pandemic is creating short-term and long-term challenges for emerging markets (EMs). But not all sovereign and corporate issuers can be painted with the same broad brush, and placing too much weight on overly dire forecasts may result in missed opportunities.

  • Private Credit - The Turn of the Cycle

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    Private Credit: The Turn of the Cycle


    Co-Heads of Global Private Finance, Ian Fowler and Adam Wheeler describe the evolving conditions in the North American and European private credit markets and where opportunities may arise in the months and years ahead.

  • Private Equity’s Return Persistence Through Downturns

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    Private Equity’s Return Persistence Through Downturns


    Although downturns are all uniquely challenging, there are historical patterns to consider as we try to understand the likely impact of COVID-19 on our existing private equity portfolio.

  • Why Aren’t Markets Tanking?

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    Why Aren’t Markets Tanking?


    There’s a list of reasons that might make an investor squirm, but there may be change afoot they should watch closely.