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  • EMD - Finding Fundamental Value Through the Storm

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    EMD: Finding Fundamental Value Through the Storm


    The rapid spread of COVID-19, the precipitous fall in oil prices and the related shock to the global economy have sent markets—including EMD—into a tailspin in recent weeks. In this piece, we explore the resulting challenges and discuss opportunities beginning to emerge.

  • Private Credit - Why Last Cycle's Playbook Won't Work This Time

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    Private Credit: Why Last Cycle’s Playbook Won’t Work This Time


    Barings’ Jon Bock discusses the recent Insights paper he authored, which describes the mistakes that investors continue to make when allocating to private credit—and, importantly, how to avoid them.

  • Distressed Debt - Despite Challenges, Opportunities Persist

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    Distressed Debt: Despite Challenges, Opportunities Persist


    Recent market and economic volatility may be the trigger that distressed debt investors have been waiting for, but capitalizing on opportunities will require a different playbook than those of past cycles.

  • One Quarter Or Two?

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    One Quarter Or Two?


    Markets will stabilize when investors start to focus on the same question.

  • Gold at the End of the Government’s Rainbow

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    Gold at the End of the Government’s Rainbow


    Initial claims show the first impact on the U.S. labor market and are likely to increase, the second U.S. stimulus package is in the books and a third is on the way while the ECB announces a Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program.

  • Four Mistakes Investors Make in Private Credit

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    Four Mistakes Investors Make in Private Credit


    Barings’ Jon Bock discusses the biggest mistakes investors make when allocating to private credit—and shares his views on why last cycle’s playbook won’t work this time around.

  • Distressed Debt  Capturing Late-Cycle Value

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    Distressed Debt: Capturing Late-Cycle Value


    Barings’ Stuart Mathieson and Bryan High discuss how recent macro events and credit market dynamics are impacting the outlook for distressed debt.

  • Fear Itself

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    Fear Itself


    Why are markets so wild? Just listen to the voices in your head.

  • Coronavirus - Navigating the Volatility

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    Coronavirus: Navigating the Volatility


    Barings experts across fixed income, equities and real estate share their views on how the spreading coronavirus is impacting global capital markets.

  • Are CLOs Unfairly Vilified?

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    Are CLOs Unfairly Vilified?


    Despite the late-cycle environment, we believe the recent negative headlines on CLOs are somewhat overstated, and do little justice to the many benefits of the asset class—which has delivered impressive risk-adjusted returns and low defaults over time.

  • IG Credit - The Hidden Risks of “Safe” Bond Strategies

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    IG Credit: The Hidden Risks of “Safe” Bond Strategies


    Traditional investment grade bond strategies are meant to help their owners sleep at night. But hidden credit and interest rate risks make benchmark-hugging more hazardous than many realize. Counterintuitively, CLOs, ABS and EM debt may be part of the solution.

  • Volatility Is Not Risk

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    Volatility Is Not Risk


    The investment industry uses the terms ‘risk’ and ‘volatility’ almost interchangeably, though they aren’t exactly the same thing. In this piece from Portfolio Advisor, Barings’ Daryl Lucas explains why differentiating between the two is important.