Why it’s time to stop thinking of gender diversity as a zero-sum game

Anne Tolmunen, Portfolio manager, AXA IM Framlington Equities, Kathryn McDonald, Head of Sustainable Investing, AXA IM Rosenberg Equities and Marie Fromaget, Human Capital and Diversity Analyst, AXA IM, explain why improving diversity is important not just for the bottom line but for society as a whole.

Can you explain why gender diversity is so important?

Marie Fromaget – I think gender diversity is important for both moral considerations and business reasons. There is a lot of research in the market highlighting the positive link between diversity and company performance. Some studies show, for example, the benefits diversity brings to industries, like media and IT, where innovation is a key driver and different viewpoints can be critical. Similarly, in client facing industries a diverse staff base can help to attract clients. I also see diversity, as a way to help solve the imminent talent shortage facing several sectors. By diversifying their respective employee bases, corporates can help bridge the talent gap. The big issue for these industries is how they can attract female talent.

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