Amundi Real Estate (Video)

 A key part of our approach at Amundi Real Estate is to work on quality and on repositioning offices to match tenants’ uses, as well as to make ESG an operational component of investment and management procedures.»

Marc Bertrand, CEO of Amundi Real Estate, shares his vision on office Real Estate’s repositioning at Amundi and the rising importance of ESG for this asset-class. He also provides a brief overview of Amundi Real Estate’s investment solutions available to French and European investors today.

Marc Bertrand


”How best to integrate ESG at the core of investment processes for corporate private debt at Amundi?”

ESG has been at the heart of the investment process of Amundi’s corporate private debt funds since 2014. Integrating ESG into private debt is part of Amundi’s strategy to be a leading asset manager in ESG.

The corporate private debt team at Amundi has two objectives, namely to reduce certain risk factors in their portfolios and to support companies’ efforts to improve their ESG practices.

But how are ESG criteria integrated within the investment and tracking processes? And how does it translate in to practical terms?

Watch the video to find out more about how ESG is playing an increasingly important role in the corporate private debt team’s processes today.