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Aquila Capital is an experienced investor in real asset investments with €8.2bn in assets under management. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Dieter Rentsch and Roman Rosslenbroich, the company focuses on sustainable performance and creating value for its clients by capitalising on macroeconomic trends, dislocations and tipping points through bottom-up management. Aquila Capital pursues operational stability, a distinct alignment of interest philosophy and stringent corporate governance.

The business centres on trends in renewable energy, social housing, green logistics, infrastructure, timber and agriculture as well as niche financial market strategies. Aquila Capital offers a range of real asset investment strategies managed by dedicated specialists in their respective fields.

Comprehensive operational capabilities, more than 300 employees across 14 offices globally, intensive asset management and a passion for detail ensure asset and product performance as well as the timely deployment of capital.

Recent highlights

• Aquila Capital is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI)

• Energy production in 2017: 2.3 TWh of renewable electricity produced, 630,000 households supplied with sustainable energy, 370,000 tons of CO² emissions saved

• Swedish Renewable Award 2018; Top 50 Infrastructure Investment Manager, IPE Real Assets 2018

Our Vision and Beliefs

Aquila Capital’s investment philosophy is based on a fundamental conviction that the creation of sustainable value for investors can only be achieved by an active investment management strategy. The company has defined policies with principles that meet the highest industry standards: Professionalism, long-term thinking and expertise, as well as creativity and innovational strength.   

Drawing on its long-established experience and professional skills, Aquila Capital provides high quality investment advice to its clients. The company’s investment teams continuously examine investment markets and their investment vehicles and follow a clearly structured and disciplined investment process. This allows for the best use of strategies and concepts within an extensive network and a connection to global resources in order to access the most attractive potential investment opportunities.

Responsible investment is a central tenet of the company’s fundamental values. Aquila Capital believes that acting responsibly towards its environment, investors and employees will determine its success over the long term. The commitment to socially and environmentally accountable practices is reflected in the investment approach, and across all aspects of its business.

Investment process and research

Aquila Capital has a structured screening, due diligence and investment decision process. The high degree of standardization of the process is designed to ensure that no diligence or structuring items are missed, avoiding process inefficiencies and allowing for efficient execution speed.
   Aquila Capital’s independent, asset-specific investment teams utilize their extensive sector network and experience to screen the market for potential investment opportunities. They are responsible for the due diligence analysis and economic assessment of targeted assets. They identify the risks involved to determine the potential viability of investments and optimized risk-return profiles.       Throughout the entire investment process, the investment teams work closely with the company’s independent teams in Risk Management, Valuation, Product Structuring & Tax, Compliance and Legal as well as external advisors to ensure a comprehensive audit of all assets and to identify additional value creation potential. This approach provides a thorough analysis of opportunities at an early stage of the acquisition process. Additionally, during the structuring of the investment, care is taken to align the structure as best as possible with the requirements of the investors.

Compliance statement 

An independent Compliance department has been established to provide full coverage for all Aquila Group’s entities. The team monitors compliance with legal requirements and regulatory standards and ensures adherence to ethical standards and stipulations, which are defined by internal guidelines and policies. Aquila Group conducts its business with integrity, respecting applicable laws and regulations. The company has adopted principles that are applicable to all employees and underscore the importance of responsible behaviour by the company and its subsidiaries.

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