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2017 Real Estate Top 100 ranking: 10

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Amundi Real Estate is a company specialized in developing, structuring and managing European focus property funds. Thanks to the power of its inflows from the retail business, Amundi carries out the largest transactions in the European market: above €6bn of real estate investments in 2017. Active in France, Germany, Italy, UK, Benelux, Czech Republic and Austria, and part of the Top 3 Asset Managers for offices in Europe. Amundi sources assets across Europe, structures the acquisitions and their financing, and manages all type of properties. All segments of assets covered, with a clear focus on Offices. Leader in managing and structuring regulated funds in France. Amundi is also recognized for its originating and deal structuring capabilities for all kind of European and International clients. A window for international clients who are looking to access European real estate market for diversification.

Investment principles & strategy

Three main principles define our investment philosophy to meet your expectations:

1. Fund allocation driven by multi-disciplinary research: To forge its market opinions, Amundi Real Estate has developed an internal research capacity specialised in French and European real estate markets. Amundi Real Estate also benefits from Credit Agricole group’s macro-economic and fundamental research as well as the investment strategy models produced by the Amundi group. This multi-disciplinary research contributes to suggest strategic allocations and to define return/risk profiles for existing and new funds.

2. Strong expertise in a structured investment process: Our asset management teams are structured by real estate sector, developing a very sharp specialisation in their area of activity. Clear, solid and formalised management processes and working procedures frame our management actions in order to avoid operational risk and conflicts of interest. With this management approach, thematic committees have been created to validate and agree each decision at each step of the process and favour confrontation of opinions.

3. Strict risk control: We are pragmatic and prudent in our investment decisions, and nurture a strong risk management culture. In addition to systematic risk controls, independent internal risk managers ensure compliance with regulatory constraints and the risk limits defined by each investor and for each product.

Strategic corporate development

Amundi Real Estate is a true expert in the origination of property assets in France and in all major European cities. Our pan-European diversification strategy for property management relies on over 40 years of technical expertise and on local partnerships with experts in each country. We are thus able to build the local ecosystems we need for the acquisition and management of our property assets. European real estate markets are diverse enough to provide opportunities that depend upon the economic situation, perspectives, and major unexpected events that could occur in each country. With its fundraising power, Amundi has the ability to take part in Europe’s major real estate transactions, with over €2bn invested every year on average. Around 50% of these investments are carried out in France, while the other half is split between a select number of European countries and major cities: Germany (Berlin), the United Kingdom (London), Italy (Milan), the Czech Republic (Prague), the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Luxembourg. Office buildings represent over 60% of our assets under management, but our diversification strategy leads us to cover all segments of the real estate market, from hotels to commercial buildings and supportive housing.

Our institutional clients favour our ability to provide them with easy access to the best real estate assets in France and in Europe’s major cities – Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Prague. This can be done through club deals, coinvestments, and dedicated or closed funds.

These materials are provided for use by qualified institutional investors for informational purposes only and are not intended as solicitations of investment business. The information and opinions are based upon sources that are considered to be reliable, but no representation or warranty is made as to their completeness or accuracy. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Further information is available on request. Amundi Immobilier is approved by the French Securities Authority Autorité des Marchés Financiers – “AMF”) under No. GP 07000033.

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