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  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: January 2018

    White papers 11 January 2018

    Investors have enjoyed a quiet year in 2017, with few bumpier spots, overall record-low volatility and nice returns. Moving into 2018, the temptation for risk assets is still high.

  • ECB: eyes on the Euro

    White papers 26 January 2018

    What are the main messages coming from the ECB meeting?

  • Global Investment Views: February 2018

    White papers 26 January 2018

    The recent sharp correction of equity markets and the increase in yields which have materialized since the start of the year have created a turbulent phase, interrupting the “Garden of Eden” kind of setting which investors were getting used to.

  • Cautious on yields, selective on spreads amidst a more confident Fed

    White papers 2 February 2018

    The FOMC left the funds rate target range unchanged at the January meeting (1.25%-1.50%), reinforcing, in our opinion, the likelihood of delivering three hikes this year.

  • US credit: don’t worry about the macro, focus on technicals

    White papers 2 February 2018

    What should we expect for US credit in 2018, in a context where spreads and volatility are closing in on cycle lows?

  • Market sell-off requires more emphasis on diversification

    White papers 6 February 2018

    Market sell-off. After more than a year without a significant correction, equity markets declined as interest rates moved sharply higher due to concerns that inflation may be rising.

  • Quarterly Asset Class Return Forecasts: Q1 - 2018

    White papers 6 February 2018

    The robust global economic growth experienced in 2017 is expected to continue into 2018, albeit with some notable exceptions such as UK. Such growth is to be reflected in ever higher equity price levels and thus expected to become costlier with respect to the most recent valuations.

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: February 2018

    White papers 9 February 2018

    The recent sharp correction of equity markets and the increase in yields which have materialized since the start of the year have created a turbulent phase, interrupting the “Garden of Eden” kind of setting which investors were getting used to.

  • Emerging Markets: How to unlock the next wave of returns

    White papers 12 February 2018

    After years of buoyant market conditions that have driven strong market performance across the board, investors are questioning for how long this “Goldilocks” regime can last and which investment areas will continue to offer opportunities in the near future.

  • Brexit: How the future trade agreement is going to shape UK financial assets

    White papers 14 February 2018

    This year will be crucial for the future of United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union following Brexit. The next round of negotiation talks will take place between February and March, and will focus on defining a two-year transition agreement.

  • NAFTA renegotiations risk and main implications for investors

    White papers 14 February 2018

    The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a trilateral pact between the U.S., Canada and Mexico that has been in force since 1994. Negotiations to revamp and modernize it, requested by the U.S., started in August 2017 and are now encountering some issues.

  • The improvement of peripheral bonds’ fundamentals has accelerated

    White papers 16 February 2018

    Two events pushed down Eurozone sovereign spreads in 2017: the French presidential election in April & May, which dissipated investors’ fears about  Eurosceptic movements, and the announcement on 26 October of a smaller-than-expected reduction in ECB’s QE for 2018 (monthly purchases lowered from € 60 bn to €30bn).

  • What the recent market move means for European credit

    White papers 19 February 2018

    Not a cycle reversal. We qualify the recent price actions as corrections, not as a cycle reversal. This position is mainly supported by past performance: profit taking is appealing when volatility increases.

  • Global Investment Views: March 2018

    White papers 2 March 2018

    A wake-up call for markets. Remain vigilant.

  • Complex Italian election outcome should not threaten the positive European story

    White papers 5 March 2018

    The electoral outcome (the very positive result of Five Star Movement, now the largest party, and of the Lega Nord in the center right coalition) was not priced by the market.

  • ECB: Still dovish, but fixed income investors should be ready for a new phase

    White papers 9 March 2018

    What are your views on ECB policy going forward?

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: March 2018

    White papers 12 March 2018

    The volatility spike in February is, in our view, a clear wake-up call for investors, and the market correction has partly removed the complacency that characterised financial markets in the last few months.

  • Shareholder Activism: Why Should Investors Care?

    White papers 16 March 2018

    Institutional investors have large and diversified portfolios with substantial company ownership and strong incentives to monitor and influence the firm’s business. Active ownership is becoming a key component of their investment process.

  • Illiquidity and investment decisions: a survey

    White papers 20 March 2018

    Investing in illiquid assets has become increasingly popular among individual and institutional investors. Illiquid assets provide higher returns and interesting diversification alternatives for asset managers.

  • Chairman Powell’s Fed: A slightly hawkish tilt

    White papers 22 March 2018

    The March FOMC meeting was the first under the new Fed Chairman Powell and the first meeting including projections by the new members of the Fed. What are your views on the outcome of this meeting?

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