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  • Central European countries: Outlook to 2020 weblink

    White papers 6 November 2018

    Global growth resynchronised in 2017. In this particularly bullish environment, Central European countries “outperformed” with growth rates of between 4% and 6%.

  • Brazilian elections: lights and shadows on the horizon weblink

    White papers 31 October 2018

    The expected outcome of the presidential election occurred, with right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro winning vs the leftist Fernando Haddad.

  • Global Investment Views: November 2018 weblink

    White papers 25 October 2018

    The late cycle narrative behind the autumn market malaise...

  • Deep dive in factor definitions and behaviors to better combine them download

    White papers 24 October 2018

    Anticipating the economic and financial environment evolution and its impact on equity market is not easy.

  • Factor Investing and Smart Beta Solutions download

    White papers 24 October 2018

    Smart Beta & Factor Investing strategies have been developed to address the two main limits of traditional market capitalization weighted indices.

  • Corporate earnings in 2019: A fading momentum is in store! weblink

    White papers 22 October 2018

    After two years of strong earnings momentum, EPS growth is expected to decline considerably from 2019.

  • Bavarian elections: European political landscape continues to evolve weblink

    White papers 16 October 2018

    The election result in Bavaria marked the defeat of the conservative CSU, which lost its absolute majority, and of its junior ally, the SPD.

  • Late cycle features at play: more pain, but not the end of the game weblink

    White papers 11 October 2018

    Market sell-off: a late cycle feature where uncertainty due to tariffs, rates and oil prices are sending some red signals.

  • US midterm election: potential economic agenda and market implications weblink

    White papers 10 October 2018

    In the upcoming US Midterm elections on November 6, there are high expectations of divided Congress, with the Democratic Party taking control of the House of Representatives and the Grand Old Party retaining control of the Senate.

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: October 2018 weblink

    White papers 8 October 2018

    The hot summer in emerging markets has been a key investor theme in the third quarter of this year.

  • Tail Risk Adjusted Sharpe Ratio weblink

    White papers 5 October 2018

    The Sharpe Ratio has become a standard measure of portfolio management performance, taking into account the risk side. In that framework, the consideration of risk is reduced to returns volatility. The Sharpe Ratio does not encompass extreme risk, especially on the downside.

  • Italian budget proposal under scrutiny weblink

    White papers 28 September 2018

    The key points of the budget law. The Italian Government negatively surprised the markets by announcing a substantially increased budget deficit target for 2019-2021 to 2.4% in a move that could undermine the potential to reduce the Italian debt burden (130% of GDP) in the coming years.

  • The Fed adopts a cautious approach for 2020-2021 weblink

    White papers 28 September 2018

    What to retain from the Fed meeting?

  • Global Investment Views: October 2018 weblink

    White papers 28 September 2018

    The hot summer in emerging markets has been a key investor theme in the third quarter of this year. While the ongoing US/China trade tensions continue to weigh on investor sentiment, the sequence of country-specific stories (Turkey, Argentina and South Africa) contributed to the almost indiscriminate repricing of EM assets, starting with plummeting EM currencies.

  • Robust asset allocation for robo-advisors weblink

    White papers 27 September 2018

    In the last few years, the financial advisory industry has been impacted by the emergence of digitalization and roboadvisors. This phenomenon affects major financial services, including wealth management, employee savings plans, asset managers, private banks, pension funds, banking services, etc.

  • BlackRock vs Norway fund at shareholder meetings: Institutional investors’ votes on corporate externalities weblink

    White papers 26 September 2018

    Do institutional investors engage with companies on corporate externalities such as greenhouse gas emissions? And if so, why?

  • European Equity: Combining value and quality in this new market phase weblink

    White papers 20 September 2018

    We believe we have entered a mature stage of the financial cycle amid central bank monetary policy normalisation (more advanced in the US) and decelerating economic growth globally. Protectionist dynamics are also features of this phase of the cycle, while the US fiscal expansion and a capex revival are all forces working to extend it.

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: September 2018 weblink

    White papers 19 September 2018

    Italian budget discussions are going to intensify as the 27th of September approaches, date of publication of the document outlining the new budget law and when there should be more clarity on the key economic projections and deficit targets.

  • Global Investment Views: September 2018 weblink

    White papers 14 September 2018

    The year began with a synchronised global recovery as most economies benefited from a buoyant environment. The risk of inflation and CB mistakes dominated investors’ fears.

  • 10 years after Lehman: A reality check for the future weblink

    White papers 14 September 2018

    It has been 10 years since the collapse of Lehman marked the beginning of the Great Recession, which threw the global economy into its deepest economic crisis since the 1930s.

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