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  • High Yield: Oasis In Search For Yield? download

    White papers 23 May 2019

    Since early 2016, US HY default rates have experienced a sort of “mini –cycle”, peaking at the end of 2016. Nevertheless, the recent rise and fall movements appear mostly commodity driven: default rates would have remained fairly stable if energy and material sectors were excluded from calculations.

  • Global Investment Views: March 2018

    White papers 2 March 2018

    A wake-up call for markets. Remain vigilant.

  • US HY default rates: trends, projections and perspectives

    White papers 29 September 2017

    The current low default rate regime of US HY issuers is the longest in recent decades and has also survived the latest commodity-driven mini cycle: the latter is close to its end and short-term expectations point to a further fall of the DR to around 3% in the coming quarters.

  • Palm oil, the environmental dilemma

    White papers 7 July 2017

    Palm oil, used mainly and on a massive scale today by the agri-food and cosmetic industries, is severely criticised.