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  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: April 2018

    White papers 5 April 2018

    The world is not yet fully out of the aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, when the question is already raised on the risk of another crisis.

  • Emerging Markets: how to unlock the next wave of returns weblink

    White papers 30 March 2018

    The recent increase in stock market volatility raised awareness among investors regarding the vulnerabilities in financial markets created by market complacency and associated with the extended phase of exceptional central bank monetary stimulus.

  • Global Investment Views: April 2018

    White papers 29 March 2018

    While still benefitting from a global synchronised growth outlook (likely peaking), financial markets are getting nervous, experiencing the fatigue of a more mature phase with new sources of volatility arising.

  • Aggressive tax optimisation: what is the best ESG approach?

    White papers 29 March 2018

    Between 100 and 240 billion euro per year. This is what aggressive tax planning costs governments in lost revenue.

  • Setting objectives for your asset allocation

    White papers 28 March 2018

    The objective of this paper is to describe how an investor can define a target return, split between that of Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) and excess return derived from active portfolio management.

  • Ten key questions on recent US protectionist measures

    White papers 23 March 2018

    On March 22, President Trump announced a new round of tariffs on around $50bln of Chinese imports (leaving Europe off for now) and China unveiled tariffs on $3bln of US imports. This adds to the measures announced on March 8, when US President Trump signed an order that imposes tariffs on imported steel (25%) and aluminum (10%), effective on March 23.

  • Chairman Powell’s Fed: A slightly hawkish tilt

    White papers 22 March 2018

    The March FOMC meeting was the first under the new Fed Chairman Powell and the first meeting including projections by the new members of the Fed. What are your views on the outcome of this meeting?

  • Illiquidity and investment decisions: a survey

    White papers 20 March 2018

    Investing in illiquid assets has become increasingly popular among individual and institutional investors. Illiquid assets provide higher returns and interesting diversification alternatives for asset managers.

  • Shareholder Activism: Why Should Investors Care?

    White papers 16 March 2018

    Institutional investors have large and diversified portfolios with substantial company ownership and strong incentives to monitor and influence the firm’s business. Active ownership is becoming a key component of their investment process.

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: March 2018

    White papers 12 March 2018

    The volatility spike in February is, in our view, a clear wake-up call for investors, and the market correction has partly removed the complacency that characterised financial markets in the last few months.

  • ECB: Still dovish, but fixed income investors should be ready for a new phase

    White papers 9 March 2018

    What are your views on ECB policy going forward?

  • Complex Italian election outcome should not threaten the positive European story

    White papers 5 March 2018

    The electoral outcome (the very positive result of Five Star Movement, now the largest party, and of the Lega Nord in the center right coalition) was not priced by the market.

  • Global Investment Views: March 2018

    White papers 2 March 2018

    A wake-up call for markets. Remain vigilant.

  • What the recent market move means for European credit

    White papers 19 February 2018

    Not a cycle reversal. We qualify the recent price actions as corrections, not as a cycle reversal. This position is mainly supported by past performance: profit taking is appealing when volatility increases.

  • The improvement of peripheral bonds’ fundamentals has accelerated

    White papers 16 February 2018

    Two events pushed down Eurozone sovereign spreads in 2017: the French presidential election in April & May, which dissipated investors’ fears about  Eurosceptic movements, and the announcement on 26 October of a smaller-than-expected reduction in ECB’s QE for 2018 (monthly purchases lowered from € 60 bn to €30bn).

  • NAFTA renegotiations risk and main implications for investors

    White papers 14 February 2018

    The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a trilateral pact between the U.S., Canada and Mexico that has been in force since 1994. Negotiations to revamp and modernize it, requested by the U.S., started in August 2017 and are now encountering some issues.

  • Brexit: How the future trade agreement is going to shape UK financial assets

    White papers 14 February 2018

    This year will be crucial for the future of United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union following Brexit. The next round of negotiation talks will take place between February and March, and will focus on defining a two-year transition agreement.

  • Emerging Markets: How to unlock the next wave of returns

    White papers 12 February 2018

    After years of buoyant market conditions that have driven strong market performance across the board, investors are questioning for how long this “Goldilocks” regime can last and which investment areas will continue to offer opportunities in the near future.

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: February 2018

    White papers 9 February 2018

    The recent sharp correction of equity markets and the increase in yields which have materialized since the start of the year have created a turbulent phase, interrupting the “Garden of Eden” kind of setting which investors were getting used to.

  • Quarterly Asset Class Return Forecasts: Q1 - 2018

    White papers 6 February 2018

    The robust global economic growth experienced in 2017 is expected to continue into 2018, albeit with some notable exceptions such as UK. Such growth is to be reflected in ever higher equity price levels and thus expected to become costlier with respect to the most recent valuations.

  • Market sell-off requires more emphasis on diversification

    White papers 6 February 2018

    Market sell-off. After more than a year without a significant correction, equity markets declined as interest rates moved sharply higher due to concerns that inflation may be rising.

  • US credit: don’t worry about the macro, focus on technicals

    White papers 2 February 2018

    What should we expect for US credit in 2018, in a context where spreads and volatility are closing in on cycle lows?

  • Cautious on yields, selective on spreads amidst a more confident Fed

    White papers 2 February 2018

    The FOMC left the funds rate target range unchanged at the January meeting (1.25%-1.50%), reinforcing, in our opinion, the likelihood of delivering three hikes this year.

  • Global Investment Views: February 2018

    White papers 26 January 2018

    The recent sharp correction of equity markets and the increase in yields which have materialized since the start of the year have created a turbulent phase, interrupting the “Garden of Eden” kind of setting which investors were getting used to.

  • ECB: eyes on the Euro

    White papers 26 January 2018

    What are the main messages coming from the ECB meeting?

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: January 2018

    White papers 11 January 2018

    Investors have enjoyed a quiet year in 2017, with few bumpier spots, overall record-low volatility and nice returns. Moving into 2018, the temptation for risk assets is still high.

  • This Month's topic: CSPP leading the late phase of ECB QE

    White papers 11 January 2018

    The ECB has already started “tapering” less corporate purchases than other programmes since April 2017, the month which saw the reduction from €80bn to €60bn of monthly purchases.

  • Global Investment Views: January 2018

    White papers 5 January 2018

    Investors have enjoyed a quiet year in 2017, with few bumpier spots, overall record-low volatility and nice returns. Moving into 2018, the temptation for risk assets is still high. The economic environment remains strong.

  • Keep Up The Momentum

    White papers 4 January 2018

    The momentum risk premium is one of the most important alternative risk premia alongside the carry risk premium. However, it appears that it is not always well understood.

  • Megatrends and disruptions: Consequences for asset management

    White papers 21 December 2017

    The asset management industry has to face three different types of challenges.

  • Italy: back to growth

    White papers 21 December 2017

    After underperforming against its peers for two decades in macroeconomic terms and following the deepest double-dip recession in its history (in 2008-2009 and in 2012-2013), the Italian economy is growing again, partially thanks to the strong, synchronised growth seen across the Eurozone, but also partially due to some structural improvements that have boosted competitiveness.

  • How OPEC's decisions and tensions in the Middle East could impact the oil price

    White papers 18 December 2017

    We expect the 2018 outlook for oil to remain somewhat stable ($55-60/bbl for WTI and $60-65/bbl for Brent through 2018) as strong demand should be balanced by higher supply from OPEC and Non-OPEC countries.

  • The FED and tax reform: what's next for fixed income investors?

    White papers 18 December 2017

    Fed: The FOMC decided to raise the fed funds target range for the third time this year to 1.25-1.50%.

  • Investment takeaways from ECB year-end meeting

    White papers 17 December 2017

    ECB growth expectations: The Eurozone is ending 2017 on surprisingly strong footing, resulting in a significant upward revision for GDP growth in 2018 (from 1.8 to 2.3%).

  • Credit Continuum: How to make it happen

    White papers 12 December 2017

    The Credit Continuum solution, while being a Buy & Watch solution, offers a high flexibility in terms of calibration of the key investment parameters and set of market segments.

  • Back to long-term investing in the age of geopolitical risk

    White papers 8 December 2017

    A sunny outlook with cloudy skies. That’s how investors see their current investment prospects.

  • Real assets: what contribution to asset allocation, especially in times of crisis?

    White papers 8 December 2017

    Sacrificing some portfolio liquidity can be profitable. Ultra-low bond rates, equities that are highly volatile and thus sometimes seen as too expensive, the search for yield and the search to capture a liquidity premium are all pushing institutional investors toward the unlisted or «real asset» universe.

  • CIO Insights: Four investing paradigms for an era of regime shifts

    White papers 8 December 2017

    In a market environment characterised by disruptive trends and possible regime shifts, asset managers need to evolve and to enhance their capabilities to understand, measure and factor these new trends into investment processes.

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: December 2017

    White papers 8 December 2017

    We believe 2018 will mark the transition from a full-speed reflationary phase, directional and bullish for risk assets (both credit and equities), towards a late phase of the financial market cycle. This could have far-reaching consequences for investors.

  • A view on small and mid-cap equities moving towards 2018

    White papers 1 December 2017

    The late-recovery is now broadening to all countries in Europe and their GDP components.

  • A guide to the Middle East jigsaw

    White papers 1 December 2017

    We think that recent events in the Middle East – in particular, the night of the long knives in Saudi Arabia and the resignation (then retracted) of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri –   are pieces in the same jigsaw puzzle: the attempt to redraw political boundaries and delineate new geopolitical equilibria in the region.

  • The covariance matrix between real assets

    White papers 20 November 2017

    For assets that are sparsely traded, the time-variance of prices is of limited interest. It is more meaningful to compute price variance across assets and use that as an indicator of investment risk.

  • Analysing the Exposure of Low-volatility Equity Strategies to Interest Rates

    White papers 20 November 2017

    At the dawn of a potential rise in rates triggered by Central Banks in both Europe and the United States, doubts are being raised about the ability of low-volatility portfolios to continue to deliver robust performance.

  • CHINA: 19th party congress and beyond

    White papers 20 November 2017

    What are the key takeaways from the 19th Party Congress?

  • What is in store for investors after the German government talks collapse?

    White papers 20 November 2017

    There is still a possibility that a coalition will be formed, although it will take time.

  • Venezuela on the edge of the cliff: let's be cautious

    White papers 14 November 2017

    President Nicolas Maduro recently announced the Republic of Venezuela’s intention to restructure all foreign debt, thus recognising the country’s current debt load as unsustainable.

  • The Bank of England raises rates: Bearish for the pound

    White papers 8 November 2017

    The Bank of England (BoE) raised rates for the first time in more than a decade and the pound dropped. What is your reading of this?

  • New Fed Chair: continuity but looser regulation

    White papers 8 November 2017

    What is your view on the new Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, nominated by President Trump?

  • A dovish ECB supports the credit market

    White papers 8 November 2017

    What are the main messages coming from October ECB’s conference?

  • European renaissance: The case for a selective approach

    White papers 8 November 2017

    In our view, the concept of a “European renaissance” reflects the current phase in which multiple positive dynamics are unfolding in Europe.

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