2018 Top 400 ranking: 37

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  • Defined Contribution Plans

    We pioneer and implement DC solutions that have the flexibility to navigate unpredictable markets, address unique client needs and anticipate retirement income challenges.

  • Institutional Investors

    With expertise that spans markets and asset classes, we provide unique insight and design innovative strategies to help meet clients’ specific objectives and time horizons.

  • Institutional Research And Trading

    Via our independent sell-side research and brokerage firm, we deliver trusted research and execution to investment managers globally, applying industry expertise and analysis to generate differentiated insights that reframe perspectives and strategies across markets and sectors.

  • Intermediaries

    Dedicated to fostering deep client relationships, we translate capital market complexities into actionable insights and effective investor solutions.

Head Office
50 Berkeley Street
United Kingdom
Nitish Sharma Tel. +44 20 7959 4771
Company website:
Parent Company:
AllianceBernstein L.P.
Year Founded:
No. of investment offices worldwide:

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