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  • Are Global Investors Ready for China? download

    White papers 27 June 2018

    China onshore stocks and bonds account for around less than 2% of most foreign investors’ portfolios. But this will soon change.

  • Alternative Risk Premia: What You Need To Know download

    White papers 25 May 2018

    Long bull markets in both equities and bonds have rewarded investors for backing traditional risk premia—notably the equity risk premium, the term premium and the credit premium.

  • Asset TV Multi-Asset Masterclass video

    White papers 16 May 2018

    2018 has seen volatility return to markets with a vengeance; is that good or bad news for multi-asset fund managers?

  • Facebook Scrutiny Raises Questions About Tech Giants weblink

    White papers 9 May 2018

    As Facebook’s market capitalization has tumbled by $60 billion over two days, investors have refocused on the gargantuan proportions of US mega-cap stocks.

  • Debt, Tech and Trade Wars Cloud the Investment Horizon weblink

    White papers 9 May 2018

    Global equities posted their first quarterly decline in two years during a volatile first quarter.

  • Emerging Markets, Emerging Political Change video weblink

    White papers 9 May 2018

    A lot of positive political change isn’t reflected in emerging market asset prices. EM investors still demand extra return for political risk even though that risk is going down in some countries—and opportunities are increasing.

  • Meet the Manager: Andrew Chin video weblink

    White papers 9 May 2018

    AB’s Chief Risk Officer and Head of Quantitative Research shares his perspectives on the research behind the development of prime alpha.

  • DB Pensions: Is Cash Flow–Driven Investing Right for Everyone? weblink

    White papers 19 April 2018

    UK defined benefit schemes are now mostly cash flow–negative.

  • Will Geopolitics Fuel Global Volatility?

    White papers 28 March 2018

    Economic trends clearly point toward higher inflation and interest rates ahead, which will likely make capital markets more volatile.

  • Can Investors Make Money in a US–China Trade War?

    White papers 28 March 2018

    President Trump’s plans for tariffs on about $60 billion of Chinese imports have rattled equity markets.

  • Science and Art: A Framework to Unlock Multi-Asset Opportunities download

    White papers 22 March 2018

    Strategic allocation poses big challenges today—and multi-asset portfolios can help.

  • The Inflation Tide Is Ready to Turn download

    White papers 27 February 2018

    Inflation has been stubbornly low, leading many to question traditional gauges like the Phillips Curve.

  • Emerging-Market Debt: Our Outlook for 2018—and Beyond download

    White papers 27 February 2018

    Emerging-market debt has the potential to boost income and returns in 2018.

  • Mindboggled: Why Your Brain Makes Bad Investing Decisions video

    White papers 24 January 2018

    AllianceBernstein portfolio manager Stuart Rae explains how lessons from classic behavioural finance studies can help investors improve the choices they make today.

  • Follow the Earnings to Emerging Equity Stars

    White papers 20 November 2017

    Emerging market equities have had a great run recently. But don’t buy EM stocks indiscriminately. Focus on company earnings over macroeconomic trends to find stocks that have stronger return potential with reduced risk.

  • The Science and Art of Multi-Asset Investing

    White papers 20 November 2017

    Generating consistent returns under uncertain conditions is a challenge. Can multi-asset strategies make the job a little easier? We think so. But a lot depends on how they’re designed.

  • Bond Market Prepares for QE in Reverse

    White papers 20 November 2017

    After a relatively quiet third quarter, bond markets are ripe for some volatility and bigger waves as major central banks begin to unwind quantitative easing. For global bond investors, that could lead to new opportunities. But for now, with valuations in many sectors stretched, it pays to be selective.

  • Will ECB Tapering Trigger Market Tantrum?

    White papers 17 October 2017

    The European Central Bank is widely expected to announce a winding down of its quantitative easing program on October 26. Though investors are nervous, the ECB is doing a good job preparing markets for the change.

  • What Does QE in Reverse Mean for the US Economy?

    White papers 20 September 2017

    The long-anticipated unwinding of quantitative easing in the US is set to begin, just as the Fed’s leadership faces a wave of turnover. We think a strong foundation should keep steady US economic growth on track.

  • China: A Green Giant in the Making

    White papers 14 September 2017

    China is dropping its focus on “dirty” industrial growth, while making a massive shift toward renewable energy and a less resource-intensive path to economic success. This reorientation could open up substantial opportunities for equity investors.

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