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  • An active approach

    Aberdeen Standard Investments embraces an active management approach. Our focus is placed on undertaking primary, internal research and consideration of the fundamentals underlying any prospective investment.

  • Embedded ESG

    An Environmental, Social and Governance framework is firmly embedded within our investment approach. Awareness of ESG factors highlights financial and reputational risks related to the companies in which we invest.

  • Micro and macro research

    Across many asset classes, the ability to analyse and evaluate both micro and macro factors is invaluable. Understanding the top-down dynamics within global markets and economies provides context.

  • Shared insights

    Expertise is leveraged across different investment capabilities.

  • Team-based ethos

    Within individual investment teams, managers work in a collaborative manner with colleagues, pooling their collective insights and expertise. Rigorous peer review of investment proposals within a team is central.

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What’s new

  • diversifying your emerging markets allocation

    Diversifying your emerging-markets allocation

    White papersWed, 5 Dec 2018

    Over the past few decades, the negative correlation between equities and bonds, as well as low valuations (that have expanded) and high yields (that have declined), has led to strong returns for investors in most balanced portfolios, such as the traditional “60/40” approaches consisting of 60% equity and 40% bonds. Currently many stock markets stand close to all-time highs, while bond yields are very low by historic standards, largely as a result of quantitative easing.

  • alternative alternatives in the diversified portfolio

    Alternative alternatives in the diversified portfolio

    White papersTue, 6 Nov 2018

    We believe that diversification is always a crucial consideration for investors. But it appears particularly pressing at present. In developed markets, inflation and interest rates are creeping up. 

  • private markets – a wealth of opportunities

    Private markets – a wealth of opportunities

    White papersTue, 6 Nov 2018

    Interest in private markets has grown rapidly among investors, particularly within an environment of historically low interest rates and market volatility. 

  • emerging market debt taking a blended approach

    Emerging market debt: Taking a blended approach

    White papersTue, 6 Nov 2018

    Emerging markets are major contributors to global growth, and over the past few years emerging market debt has gained even more traction as an asset class. 

  • your pension scheme and esg

    Your pension scheme and ESG

    White papersWed, 24 Oct 2018

    Today’s investment decisions are shaping tomorrow’s world – please share your views.

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