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  • Russell 1000 Equal Weight Index: Equal weighting refined weblink

    White papers 19 March 2019

    Equal weighting is known as one of the oldest and time-tested approaches to reduce concentration risk and enhance diversification. This paper explores the key benefits of equal weighting over its cap-weighted counterparts and examines equal weighting’s strong long-term performance record as a source of downside protection in crises and lower volatility.

  • Blog | Multi-asset: What’s in a name? weblink

    White papers 12 March 2019

    In order to bring some rigor to the process, FTSE Russell takes a volatility-based definition, which we believe cuts through the noise and focuses on what the indexes measure.

  • Blog | Gender equality – more to be done across the board weblink

    White papers 6 March 2019

    International Women’s Day presents a great opportunity every year to take stock on progress in the long march toward gender equality. Investors, companies and governments around the world have made headlines with their efforts to achieve better gender balance. Yet, studies demonstrate that there is still much progress to be made, signalling that it’s time to focus on more powerful and collaborative approaches to addressing gender imbalance.

  • Insights | Indexing the world download

    White papers 19 June 2018

    In June 2018, FTSE Russell announced the launch of the FTSE Global Micro Cap Index Series, extending target coverage of the FTSE Global Equity Indexes (FTSE GEIS) to over 99% of the global investable equity market.

  • Investing in the global green economy: busting common myths download

    White papers 31 May 2018

    Until now the transition to a sustainable and “green” economy has been a loose concept rather than a defined, investable, industrial system.

  • Insights | Incorporating diversity into passive investments download

    White papers 31 January 2018

    The FTSE Women on Boards Leadership Index Series is designed to integrate leadership in gender diversity into a broad market benchmark. These indexes increase exposure to companies based on the strength of their gender diversity leadership at the board level and how well they manage wider impacts on society.

  • Redrawing the equity map with global small caps download

    White papers 22 January 2018

    The earth is flat… or so it was believed, until sometime after 500 B.C.

  • Smart beta: 2017 global survey findings from asset owners download

    White papers 8 November 2017

    Recently, a major shift has been observed among asset owners who once took a “tokenistic” approach toward environmental, social and governance and are now looking to integrate it into core investment strategies.

  • Insights | FTSE Saudi Arabia Inclusion Index Series: Your keys to the kingdom download

    White papers 29 October 2017

    FTSE Russell has launched the FTSE Saudi Arabia Inclusion Index Series, a comprehensive series of global, regional and country-level indexes which can be used as a transitional tool in preparation for the potential inclusion of Saudi Arabia in the widely-followed FTSE Global Equity Index Series.

  • Insights | Passive Aggressive: Is ESG integration into passive becoming the new norm? download

    White papers 5 October 2017

    The world of index-based investing is in flux as ESG integration into passive is on course to become the norm for new mandates. In the last year there has been a quiet revolution taking place as asset owners have been moving to integrate ESG into index designs for new mandates on core passive portfolios.

  • Insights | Industry Classification Benchmark: Structural enhancements to the industry categorization framework download

    White papers 5 September 2017

    In this paper we describe the enhancements to the ICB framework, outline the rationale for key changes to its structure and summarize the impact of the proposed changes.

  • Insights | The intuitive foundations of smart beta download

    White papers 22 August 2017

    We focus on some smart beta index construction approaches that follow relatively simple, intuitive weighting schemes. Regardless of their methodology, all FTSE Russell smart beta indexes follow transparent, consistent rules in order to achieve the stated index objectives.

  • Insights | The Russell 1000 Equal Weight Index: Reduced concentration risk and enhanced diversification download

    White papers 2 August 2017

    Equal weighting is the oldest of alternative weighting methods and it has had staying power for good reason. We explore the attributes of equal weighting and explore FTSE Russell’s enhanced methodology, which has an added benefit over simple constituent equal weighting by enhancing sector diversification.

  • Insights | Smart sustainability: Giving pension providers controlled sustainable exposure download

    White papers 22 June 2017

    The next phase in the evolution of both smart beta and sustainable investing has begun. FTSE Russell is providing a flexible framework and tools to combine a variety of sustainability and risk premia factors together into new indexes.

  • Insights | Meeting the demand for listed infrastructure indexes download

    White papers 10 May 2017

    Listed infrastructure indexes enable investors to measure the performance of an increasingly important segment of global equity markets.

  • Insights | Indexes and benchmarks made clear download

    White papers 4 May 2017

    This guide provides an introduction to the various purposes indexes can serve and shares some of the important attributes one should consider when selecting an index.

  • Insights | The anatomy of smart beta download

    White papers 1 May 2017

    Smart beta indexes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with nearly three-quarters of global institutional investors and asset owners now either using or evaluating smart beta index-based strategies for their portfolios. We examine the origins of smart beta, consider the variety of indexes on offer and their uses, and look into the future of this type of index.

  • Insights | The Russell 2000 Index: Small cap performance in a slow-growth economic environment download

    White papers 24 April 2017

    FTSE Russell examines the performance of the US small cap market in periods of slow economic growth, as measured by the Russell 2000 Index, and discusses how institutions that seek to access the size factor premium via ETFs can further enhance returns through securities lending programs.

  • Insights | Whatever happened to Teldar Paper? download

    White papers 21 April 2017

    Teldar Paper was the fictional target of a hostile takeover by corporate raider Gordon Gekko in the now classic 1987 movie Wall Street. In the 30 years since the movie debuted, the paper industry has undergone major reorganization and consolidation of the sort that would have proven Gekko a visionary.

  • Insights | The leopard’s spots: Russell Style Indexes keep growth and value in focus download

    White papers 19 April 2017

    “A leopard can’t change its spots,” is an old saying rooted in the belief that a person’s core character doesn’t change over time. The same cannot be said of the markets, public companies or investment strategies, which is why the Russell Style Indexes have become such powerful tools for portfolio measurement and construction.

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