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  • Webcast | Managing Volatility: Index approaches for a smoother ride video

    White papers 20 March 2019

    In this webinar Marlies van Boven, PhD, Managing Director Research & Analytics, FTSE Russell examines what popular indexed-based strategies can do to help limit the impact of portfolio volatility and mitigate risk.

  • The right ETF starts with the right index download

    White papers 20 February 2019

    Indexes are what power Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), but not all indexes are created equal. A better understanding of indexes and passive strategies can help Advisors improve investment outcome and gain a competitive advantage.

  • FTSE Fixed Income Research Series — The Value Effect download

    White papers 23 November 2018

    There are a variety of widely-accepted metrics to define and capture the value factor in equities. But there has not been such a broadly-accepted approach to capture the value effect in fixed income.

  • Understanding China's Economic and Market Developments: Managing China's Transition Into Global Benchmarks download

    White papers 1 October 2018

    As a result of recent enhancements, China A Shares (available through the “Northbound” Stock Connect route) are assigned as Secondary Emerging and will join the FTSE Russell global equity benchmarks in June 2019.

  • Index Insight | FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts Index Series download

    White papers 10 September 2018

    Find out more information on the types of gilts available in the market, and put it all into context by learning about the growth of the gilt market, the gilt issuance process and market appetite, the methodology of the fitted daily yield curves and the governance and oversight of the Index Series.

  • Insights | Five-year trends and outlook for smart beta download

    White papers 19 June 2018

    Over the past five years FTSE Russell has interviewed hundreds of asset owners globally managing over $10 trillion of assets for its smart beta global asset owner survey.

  • Investing in the global green economy: busting common myths download

    White papers 31 May 2018

    Until now the transition to a sustainable and “green” economy has been a loose concept rather than a defined, investable, industrial system.

  • Insights | The Russell 2000 Index: Small cap index of choice download

    White papers 9 May 2018

    The potential benefits of including exposure to small cap stocks in a multi-asset-class portfolio have been well documented.

  • FTSE Russell China Bond Research Report: April 2018 download

    White papers 9 May 2018

    As Q1 gives way to Q2, it’s clear the world’s second largest economy is likely to continue delivering surprises to investors both in Asia and around the world.

  • Insights | Top-down or bottom-up? download

    White papers 20 April 2018

    In this Insights, we assess the benefits and drawbacks of the various single factor and multi-factor portfolio construction techniques using metrics such as factor exposure, the number of factors targeted, and concentration measures such as Effective N.

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