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  • Managing Market Volatility download

    White papers 23 August 2019

    Interested in understanding the state of volatility in the current market? This comprehensive package from Clear Path Analysis and FTSE Russell covers all the important focal points with top industry thought leaders including two robust roundtable debates, a white paper and an interview...

  • Webcast | Managing Volatility: Index approaches for a smoother ride video

    White papers 20 March 2019

    In this webinar Marlies van Boven, PhD, Managing Director Research & Analytics, FTSE Russell examines what popular indexed-based strategies can do to help limit the impact of portfolio volatility and mitigate risk.

  • Insights | The intuitive foundations of smart beta download

    White papers 22 August 2017

    We focus on some smart beta index construction approaches that follow relatively simple, intuitive weighting schemes. Regardless of their methodology, all FTSE Russell smart beta indexes follow transparent, consistent rules in order to achieve the stated index objectives.

  • Insights | The Russell 1000 Equal Weight Index: Reduced concentration risk and enhanced diversification download

    White papers 2 August 2017

    Equal weighting is the oldest of alternative weighting methods and it has had staying power for good reason. We explore the attributes of equal weighting and explore FTSE Russell’s enhanced methodology, which has an added benefit over simple constituent equal weighting by enhancing sector diversification.

  • Insights | Smart sustainability: Giving pension providers controlled sustainable exposure download

    White papers 22 June 2017

    The next phase in the evolution of both smart beta and sustainable investing has begun. FTSE Russell is providing a flexible framework and tools to combine a variety of sustainability and risk premia factors together into new indexes.

  • Insights | The anatomy of smart beta download

    White papers 1 May 2017

    Smart beta indexes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with nearly three-quarters of global institutional investors and asset owners now either using or evaluating smart beta index-based strategies for their portfolios. We examine the origins of smart beta, consider the variety of indexes on offer and their uses, and look into the future of this type of index.

  • Insights | Leveraging factors without using leverage: FTSE Russell Multi-factor Indexes download

    White papers 31 March 2017

    The debate goes on about the best way to construct a multi-factor index: a “mixed” composite of individual factors versus an “integrated,” bottom-up approach of simultaneous factor exposures.

  • Insights | Equal weighting the Russell 1000 Index

    White papers 24 March 2017

    Equal weight indexes are the simplest type of alternatively-weighted index. By comparison to the standard index construction method of capitalization weighting, an equal weight index is indifferent to a stock’s market value.

  • Insights | Volatility reduction: How minimum variance indexes work download

    White papers 8 February 2017

    The final article in a series covering risk-based indexes and their applications, reviews minimum variance indexes in detail.