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  • UK Real Estate Outlook - Edition 2H19 download

    White papers 27 August 2019

    As the retail correction has fully taken hold, total returns from UK commercial property have slowed markedly delivering just 0.85% in 1H19, based on the quarterly MSCI Index. Outside the retail sector, occupational markets are generally holding up quite well, however investment markets remain very subdued as political uncertainty deters activity. We may see a bounce-back in investor demand should a deal be reached with the EU, but the recent change of Prime Minister and confrontational ...

  • UK commercial real estate – 2018 year in review download

    White papers 9 January 2019

    Returns for 2018 have yet again exceeded most forecast expectations. We take a closer look at the outlook for UK property in 2019 against an increasingly uncertain political and economic backdrop.

  • UK Real Estate Outlook: 2H18 download

    White papers 10 September 2018

    Much of the positive momentum from 2017 continued into the first half of 2018, with the annual total return at 2Q18 standing at 9.4%, only a slight slowdown from the 10.3% achieved the previous year.

  • UK Real Estate Outlook: Edition 1H18 download

    White papers 19 March 2018

    The all property total return for UK commercial real estate of 10.3% in 2017 exceeded even the most bullish forecast expectations from the start of the year, and by some margin.

  • Are affordability pressures starting to bite in London? download

    White papers 11 January 2018

    Are business rate hikes in London starting to hurt retailers?

  • Real Estate Summary: Edition 1 2017 download

    White papers 3 August 2017

    There has been a gradual political shift towards populism in recent decades.

  • UK Real Estate Outlook: 1H17 download

    White papers 27 March 2017

    The UK economy has been resilient to the political uncertainty following the shock referendum result to leave the EU. In particular, the consumer sector continued to be the driving force behind UK economic growth in the second half of 2016, which delivered 0.6% GDP growth in both 3Q and 4Q.

  • Can institutional scale rental accommodation help solve the housing crisis? download

    White papers 1 November 2016

    Behind the political headlines dominated by Brexit developments, there has been a key shift with another highly contentious topic – housing.

  • UK Real Estate Outlook: 2H16 download

    White papers 5 September 2016

    Expectations for UK economic growth underwent some fairly significant downward revisions prior to the EU Referendum, and these have now been revised downwards again, although we do not envision the UK entering a recession as the main scenario.

  • European Real Estate Summary: Edition 3 2016 download

    White papers 9 August 2016

    The potential consequences of the Brexit vote have dominated economic commentary in the aftermath of the historic decision. It is too early to assess the full implications for both the UK and Europe, although economic commentators unanimously expect that there will be negative short-term impacts on growth stemming from heightened uncertainty.

  • UK Real Estate Outlook: 1H16 download

    White papers 9 March 2016

    Expectations for UK economic growth have undergone some fairly significant downward revisions over the past six months.

  • Eurozone Real Estate Outlook: 1H16 download

    White papers 8 March 2016

    The economic outlook for the eurozone has become increasingly polarized between the relatively positive domestically driven recovery, which drove GDP growth above expectations in 2015, and the decidedly negative global economic headwinds and geopolitical risks that have risen in prominence over the past six months.

  • European Real Estate Summary: February 2016 download

    White papers 24 February 2016

    Although the European economy continues to face significant headwinds, these are predominantly from external forces and a tentative recovery in the domestic economy actually drove economic growth above people’s expectations in 2015.

  • UK Real Estate Market: January 2016 Update download

    White papers 1 February 2016

    As prime yields hit record lows, is there relative value in secondary in the UK?

  • European Real Estate Market: January 2016 Update download

    White papers 29 January 2016

    How low oil price may impact Middle East investments into commercial European real estate...

  • Outlook 1H15: UK commercial real estate market - Will 2015 be a year of two halves? download

    White papers 24 March 2015

    Economic data from the end of 2014 continued the pattern of softer growth recorded since the summer, with 4Q14 GDP growth of 0.5% the slowest for a year. Nonetheless, this left growth for 2014 as a whole at a robust 2.6% and the fastest of the G7 nations, and given some reasonably strong high frequency data in 4Q, it is likely the final figures may be revised up in the future.

  • UK commercial real estate market download

    White papers 1 October 2013

    In the last outlook paper in 1H13, we suggested there were signs that the UK economy was stabilizing. Since 2Q13 there has been a raft of improvements in key economic indicators over the summer months.

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