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  • Real Assets Study weblink

    White papers 6 November 2019

    Our Real Assets Study provides insight into European institutional investors’ appetite for real estate, infrastructure, private corporate debt and structured finance. It highlights the need to address ESG issues, looks at whether supply can meet demand, as well as gauging the potential impact of global challenges such as trade wars.

  • Connections and communities weblink

    White papers 28 October 2019

    Today, a handful of urban centres are pulling away from their rivals – creating more innovation, more growth and more jobs. Those changes have deep implications; understanding them and what they mean for local communities takes joined-up thinking.

  • Quarterly update on drivers in real assets - Q3 2019 weblink

    White papers 17 October 2019

    In our regular update on drivers in real assets, we assess the impacts of a possible downturn in the euro zone. We touch on cash generation, the valuation outlook and the significance of security and ranking in the capital structure.

  • London: The ultimate city of the future weblink

    White papers 2 October 2019

    The rise of the knowledge economy has energised cities which have reinvented themselves as global knowledge capitals, of which London is a prime example.

  • Private wants, public needs weblink

    White papers 4 September 2019

    With society facing many urgent and complex challenges, deciding who is best-placed to deliver solutions has become an emotive and often political subject. We assess whether there is a better way to utilise the skills and resources of the public, private and third sectors for the greater good.

  • European high streets brace themselves for change weblink

    White papers 29 August 2019

    Hardly a day goes by without at least one negative headline bemoaning the impact of disruption in retail markets on high streets and shopping centres. While this is true in the US and the UK, Chris Urwin examines whether European high streets will face a similar threat.

  • Re-imagining partnerships in infrastructure finance weblink

    White papers 1 August 2019

    While the shape of the UK’s future relationship with its European neighbours is still unclear, the question of how to finance infrastructure fit for the 21st century is equally pressing, argues Darryl Murphy.

  • ESG and real assets: A matter of balance weblink

    White papers 11 July 2019

    Assessing ESG risks within real asset investments is far from straightforward. Mark Versey and Stanley Kwong use five case studies to illustrate the balance of ESG risk factors that affects investment decision-making, beyond simply trying to be ‘green’.

  • Aviva Investors Real Assets Acquires Office Building In Copenhagen download

    White papers 16 April 2019

    Aviva Investors Real Assets, on behalf of a regulated entity of Aviva France, has acquired a 7,650 square metre office building in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark, from Gefion Group for an undisclosed sum.

  • 'Mastering the real estate cycle' download

    White papers 13 March 2019

    The cyclicality of real estate creates opportunities for well-informed investors. However, determining where a market is in the cycle can be difficult, so we have developed a tool that can help investors overcome this challenge.

  • The future of energy weblink

    White papers 28 February 2019

    As we approach ‘peak oil’, what does this mean for the fossil fuel industry and alternative sources of energy?

  • Dream or dystopia? weblink

    White papers 28 February 2019

    Cities will face severe challenges over the coming decades, including digital disruption, population management and climate change. How they adapt to these pressures will determine the winning – and losing – cities of the future.

  • Expertise combined, opportunity multiplied: why I created a real assets business download

    White papers 26 November 2018

    While we are not the first asset manager to create a real assets business, we will go further in terms of integrating the component parts into a genuinely unified platform that can deliver better outcomes for our clients. We are placing a stake in the ground; highlighting our intention to shape the future of the real asset investment landscape.

  • CVAs and the changing shape of UK retail weblink

    White papers 29 October 2018

    More retailers are turning to corporate voluntary arrangements to restructure their estates - but a dynamic landscape is no surprise for seasoned real estate investors.

  • Demographics key to the future of real estate weblink

    White papers 11 September 2018

    Real estate investors should focus on global demographic trends to ensure their portfolios stand the test of time.

  • Alternative Income Study 2018 download

    White papers 6 September 2018

    Alternative income, real assets, private assets, illiquids: however they are described, the appeal of unlisted assets has grown significantly among European pension funds and insurers over the past decade.

  • Why governance is key to restoring trust in UK infrastructure weblink

    White papers 9 August 2018

    The UK infrastructure industry needs to face up to its failings and act in the best interests of all stakeholders. Developing a code of conduct would be a good place to start, argue Darryl Murphy and Mirza Baig.

  • Real estate investors face risks as euro zone reaches turning point weblink

    White papers 6 August 2018

    The European economy continues to grow above trend rates, but investors should be wary of rising bond yields and rapid development in some markets, says Vivienne Bolla.

  • UK retail parks ripe for redevelopment weblink

    White papers 6 August 2018

    With UK retail parks facing an increasingly perilous future, turning the sites into vibrant residential-led developments offers land owners an opportunity to bolster investment returns.

  • Real estate: the rise of metropoles weblink

    White papers 20 June 2018

    The growing importance of megacities, the largest and most productive metropoles, is likely to have significant implications for investors, says Souad Cherfouh.

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