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  • Aircraft funds are ESG-compliant download

    Asset Manager News 19 February 2019

    The recently published “Perspective: Aviation Markets” explores the topics of sustainability in the aviation industry, technical acceptance of a new aircraft, and the fascination of flying. Investment and asset manager KGAL reports on current developments as well as supplying background information.

  • Perspective: Aviation markets HY2 2018 download

    White papers 24 July 2018

    At $50 per barrel, the price of crude oil was not going to get any higher – that was the consensus of opinion in the aviation industry two years ago. Today a barrel of oil costs around $75. This upward trend is powered by factors such as geopolitical tension and limited supply. There is little indication of when – or if – it will end.

  • Aircraft leasing: a promising investment market for institutional investors download

    White papers 11 June 2018

    Until recently, aviation as an asset class has hardly received any attention from most continental European institutional investors. It is a different story in the Anglo-Saxon investment community: this investment class has long been established as a component to a well-diversified portfolio.

  • Air travel: a growth market download

    White papers 15 February 2018

    The air travel industry has met the challenges posed by the market head-first, and enjoyed positive growth – including in the very recent past.

  • KGAL acquires two French solar plants download

    Asset Manager News 12 February 2018

    Stock in France reaches a capacity of 110 MWp...

  • KGAL concludes purchase contracts for two Swedish wind energy projects download

    Asset Manager News 9 February 2018

    The KGAL Group has strengthened its position in the Scandinavian wind energy market by acquiring two southern Swedish wind farms with a combined power of 46.8 MW.

  • First Closing of KGAL's Aviation Fund APF 3 download

    White papers 1 August 2017

    Continued success in infrastructure fund raising for 2017, KGAL has successfully raised more than 1/3 of the target volume for its transportation Aviation Fund APF3...

  • KGAL Market Study confirms institutional investors’ prevailing interest in Aviation investments download

    Asset Manager News 17 May 2017

    Within the investors arena, Insurance companies are the dominant players in the aviation asset class, according to the current market study published by asset and investment manager KGAL, produced from survey responses by international institutional investors. It also found that the strongest response was towards aviation debt at 25%.

  • GOAL introduces eight ATR72-600 to its fleet for KGAL investors

    Asset Manager News 24 April 2017

    GOAL German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG arranged the financing for eight ATR72-600 aircraft with Propius Limited, an aircraft leasing company belonging to Stobart Group Limited.

  • Aviation Markets: H1 2017 download

    White papers 31 March 2017

    The aviation industry has continued on a very good growth path. Reasons for this include successful efficiency improvement and fleet renewal programmes; the realignment of business models and consolidation processes within the airline industry; and also significant declines in the price of oil since the start of 2015: while the price per barrel recently topped 50 dollars again, oil is currently still cheap in comparison to prices between 2012 and 2014.

  • KGAL increased its newly subscribed equity capital by 36.2 percent in 2016 download

    Asset Manager News 22 February 2017

    The KGAL Group raised almost 930 million euro of institutional capital in the 2016 fiscal year.

  • KGAL reaches a successful close for its institutional Aviation Fund 1 download

    Asset Manager News 15 September 2016

    Due to strong investor demand for KGAL’s Aviation Portfolio Fund 1 the placement period has ended early. The Fund reached its maximum equity capital of €400 million, having commitments from 12 institutional investors.

  • Market Report Wind: H1 2016 download

    White papers 19 May 2016

    As expected, wind energy in Germany continued its rapid growth in 2015. Growth was particularly strong in the offshore sector, where the completion of a number of large wind projects added a total of 3.3 GW in new capacity to the grid.

  • KGAL acquires two further aircraft for institutional aviation fund download

    Asset Manager News 24 February 2016

    KGAL’s Aviation Portfolio Fund 1 (APF 1) has concluded sale and leaseback transactions for the acquisition of two additional Airbus A320-200 aircraft, which will be leased to US airline Frontier Airlines.

  • Market Report: Aviation H1 2016 download

    White papers 3 February 2016

    Continuous growth and oil prices at their lowest level since 2004 are creating an encouraging climate for the aviation sector.

  • KGAL purchases wind park in Finland download

    Asset Manager News 13 January 2016

    KGAL has acquired the Finnish onshore wind park “Silovuori” with a total capacity of 26.4 MW for an institutional fund.

  • Expertise: Aviation download

    White papers 26 November 2015

    Since 1968, the KGAL Group has been designing innovative finance solutions for real assets. Over the past 47 years, they have created an increasing number of interesting investment solutions for private and institutional investors and have thereby established themselves as an asset manager for long-term real capital investment.

  • How time flies: Extracts from the captain’s log of the GOAL team download

    White papers 25 November 2015

    Our people are constantly on the move: at on-site technical checks, at purchasing meetings with airlines, at conferences or providing support for KGAL at investor meetings. There is a genuine commotion around the nine-person GOAL team – who act as the asset managers for KGAL’s aviation funds.

  • Investment strategy: From core strategy to opportunistic investment: Investing in aviation gets more complex download

    White papers 25 November 2015

    And the investment doesn’t necessarily have to be in a brand-new airliner or one of the standard aircraft types on the market. Older aircraft or niche models also fly safely – and may even become the highlight in terms of return on investment for an intelligently structured aircraft fund.

  • Interview with an airline pilot: Let that bird fly! Let’s do it, but let’s do it safely! download

    White papers 25 November 2015

    When an aircraft takes to the air everyone hopes for it to land again safely, the passengers, the cabin attendants and the pilots – but also the aircraft’s owners. “For us, everything that happens in the cockpit is about safety, and everything in it is there to prevent errors and to detect them fast,” Michael Langer tells us. As an airline pilot he has been flying aircraft all around the world for the last 20 years.

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