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  • Brexit saga set to drag on until June or longer weblink

    White papers 29 March 2019

    Investors are bracing for the prospect of a delayed or canceled Brexit, as the saga looks set to drag on for at least another three months.

  • Investing in the SDGs to tackle snake bites weblink

    White papers 29 March 2019

    How many people do you think die from snake bites? A few hundred? Incredibly it is 11,000 a month, or about 138,000 a year.

  • Our approach to sustainable investing in palm oil weblink

    White papers 29 March 2019

    Robeco has stepped up its engagement with the producers of palm oil to address sustainability issues in the industry.

  • As pioneers of SI, we have Sustainability Inside weblink

    White papers 29 March 2019

    Robeco is proud to have been a pioneer of sustainability investing, standing at the forefront of this vibrant style now for more than two decades.

  • Robeco publishes Active Ownership Report 2018 weblink

    White papers 15 March 2019

    Using our position as an asset manager to effect meaningful change at companies is a vital part of our dedication to sustainability investing at Robeco.

  • Risks to European equities are overstated weblink

    White papers 8 March 2019

    European stocks could become more attractive, as positive outcomes can be seen for their perceived risks, says Chief Economist Léon Cornelissen.

  • Working towards greater gender equality weblink

    White papers 8 March 2019

    Robeco has long believed that a gender-balanced workforce with more opportunities for women makes companies more successful. In this way, it forms part of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors – focusing on the ‘S’ and ‘G’ – that are integrated into our investment processes.

  • It’s not about active or passive, but about costs weblink

    White papers 6 March 2019

    What if costs were the real issue in the heated active versus passive debate?

  • Active duration management shines as bond markets jitter weblink

    White papers 5 March 2019

    Robeco’s Dynamic Duration strategies lived up to their promise in 2018. They offered protection against rising yields as the year got underway but also benefitted from the government bond rally as it came to an end.

  • The long-term value of Conservative Equities weblink

    White papers 1 March 2019

    Should low volatility investing just be about minimizing volatility? Since 2006, we have designed our Robeco Conservative Equities strategy to achieve a maximum absolute return per unit of absolute risk, by focusing not just on volatility but also on other proven factors, including value and momentum.

  • The challenges of integrating ESG into Chinese A-shares weblink

    White papers 26 February 2019

    Growing interest in sustainability investing is driving changes in markets – but it faces distinct challenges in China.

  • Implementing quant strategies in EM the smart way weblink

    White papers 25 February 2019

    Quantitative stock selection models work as well in emerging markets (EM) as they do in developed ones (DM). However, their implementation in the former requires additional expertise.

  • The future of transport is Smart Mobility weblink

    White papers 22 February 2019

    Transport has always been subject to change, from the transition from the horse to the steam train, and from the train to the car. Now the transport industry is facing its biggest transformation since the horse-drawn cart was phased out with the move away from combustion engines.

  • RobecoSAM publishes Sustainability Yearbook 2019 weblink

    White papers 14 February 2019

    European stocks could become more attractive, as positive outcomes can be seen for their perceived risks, says Chief Economist Léon Cornelissen.

  • Low risk in China weblink

    White papers 13 February 2019

    Does low-risk investing work with A-shares? This study finds that the low-risk anomaly is even bigger in China than in the US. It finds that whereas the relation between risk and return is too flat in the US, which is already at odds with the CAPM, the relation is outright inverted in China.

  • Strong multi-asset factor performance over more than two centuries weblink

    White papers 12 February 2019

    To be considered relevant, a factor must first and foremost be backed by ample empirical evidence. In the absence of such evidence, academic research on multi-asset factor premiums could suffer from ‘p-hacking’ (or ‘data mining’). Recent research by Robeco uses new and previously unused deep historical financial data. The results allay any p-hacking concerns.

  • Podcast: ‘We are approaching Peak Environment right now’

    White papers 8 February 2019

    In the first podcast, Daniel Wild explains why embracing SI is “a good sort of selfish”, as it enables the investor to enjoy superior risk-adjusted returns while also helping the planet on a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at the same time.

  • Single-use plastic among Robeco’s 2019 engagement themes weblink

    White papers 4 February 2019

    Trying to cut plastic pollution and the social impact of artificial intelligence are among four themes that Robeco will engage on this year.

  • Get Real! Individuals prefer more sustainable investments weblink

    White papers 23 January 2019

    A majority of people want their pension funds to invest their money sustainably. That was the outcome of a major survey of members of a Dutch pension fund by three academics from Maastricht University.

  • Data sets – Volatility-sorted portfolios weblink

    White papers 22 January 2019

    A research-driven approach is at the core of everything we do. By offering data sets, we give investors the opportunity to conduct their own analyses.

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