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  • Podcast: ‘We are approaching Peak Environment right now’

    White papers 8 February 2019

    In the first podcast, Daniel Wild explains why embracing SI is “a good sort of selfish”, as it enables the investor to enjoy superior risk-adjusted returns while also helping the planet on a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at the same time.

  • Passive investing and sustainability are incompatible weblink

    White papers 18 January 2019

    Sustainability investing requires active choices and so cannot be done purely passively, Robeco quant specialists say. Speed read Passive funds buy the entire market without using ESG factors  Sustainable indices are active, not passive strategies Best of both worlds is possible with sustainable enhanced indexing...

  • Dutch pension funds have yet to embrace SDGs weblink

    White papers 8 January 2019

    Dutch pension funds view Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an investment opportunity, but have yet to fully adopt them. Speed Read: SDGs seen as an investment opportunity and fiduciary duty Two-thirds of funds do not have a formal policy for the goals Only 19% set targets to align investment activities with SDGs...

  • Enhanced indexing – a proven alternative to passive investing weblink

    White papers 7 January 2019

    This new brochure explains why enhanced indexing provides a compelling alternative to passive strategies. It exposes the main pitfalls of passive investing and explains how Robeco’s Enhanced Indexing approach addresses these issues, to deliver stable outperformance over time while integrating ESG criteria and ensuring effective country and sector diversification.

  • Residualizing Momentum in China weblink

    White papers 2 January 2019

    Previous studies have reported weak results for standard Momentum strategies in China. This paper1 finds that a more sophisticated Momentum strategy does generate significant profits in the Chinese equity market.

  • The outlook for credits: The emperor is naked weblink

    White papers 20 December 2018

    Despite our repeated concerns about high corporate leverage and too much risk appetite, it is only now that credit markets are beginning to react to the global economic slowdown, and the next recession is being openly discussed.

  • Rising up against passive S&P 500 strategies weblink

    White papers 20 December 2018

    Many equity investors are giving up on active management. In the US, a popular approach is to settle for a passive strategy based on the well-known S&P 500 Index. However, we think factor investing provides a much more compelling alternative.

  • ‘We’re on the cusp of a very positive transformation’ weblink

    White papers 18 December 2018

    How fast will sustainability investing become mainstream? Bertrand Badré is a former managing director of the World Bank and the founder of Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital, a company that invests in sustainable projects in emerging countries. We talked with him about the challenges of sustainable development, the role the private sector can play and the main ideas developed in the book he recently authored on this topic.

  • A defensive market that is looking increasingly risky weblink

    White papers 11 December 2018

    Historically, switching to the US is an obvious choice at a late stage of the bull market when a shift towards more defensive equity allocation is desired. However, this time may be different.

  • Robeco Quarterly December 2018 weblink

    White papers 10 December 2018

    The tenth edition of Robeco Quarterly – our quant, sustainability and research magazine – is out.

  • Crash testing the Fama-French factor model in emerging stock markets weblink

    White papers 10 December 2018

    Factor investing works in emerging stock markets, as well as in developed markets. But factor definitions matter greatly. From this perspective, even the now well-established five-factor model, proposed in 2015 by Nobel-prize winner, Eugene Fama, and fellow researcher, Kenneth French, still leaves room for improvement.

  • Size and Value in China weblink

    White papers 6 December 2018

    Factor investing in A-share markets? This paper1 shows that the two classic Fama-French factors, size and value, are also powerful predictors of stock returns in China. To get the most out of these factors, the authors propose to tweak the definitions a bit. ...

  • Lessons from our 2018 ‘Super Quant’ internships weblink

    White papers 5 December 2018

    Top-notch investment strategies require top-notch research. The Robeco ‘Super Quant’ internship research projects, in areas such as language analysis or survey-based macroeconomic data, are part of this ongoing effort.

  • Achieving your investment goals with factors: generating income weblink

    White papers 30 November 2018

    Factor-based strategies can help generate income. Sixth and last article of a series on how factors can help investors achieve specific goals.

  • Outlook 2019: Turbulence ahead weblink

    White papers 28 November 2018

    Next year we expect the markets to have two faces. The bright economic picture is expected to be overshadowed by concerns that this long bull market will soon end; think rising interest rates, protectionism, Italy, Brexit. Investors would be well-advised to prepare for these concerns becoming reality.

  • Two European headaches: Brexit and Italy weblink

    White papers 28 November 2018

    Drawing a line under both of these situations will help European equities deliver improved relative performance within a global equity portfolio, and banks will play a key role in this.

  • Guide to low volatility investing weblink

    White papers 28 November 2018

    This new edition includes recent figures and a new section on income generation. Our guide dives into the history of low volatility investing in equity markets and covers the basics of this investment approach, as well as some practical implementation aspects.

  • Three megatrends shaping the world weblink

    White papers 28 November 2018

    Three megatrends reflecting each aspect of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) spectrum are shaping the sustainability investing world.

  • Multi-factor bonds: an alternative to passive fixed income weblink

    White papers 28 November 2018

    A growing number of investors are implementing their fixed income strategies through passive Exchange Traded funds (ETFs). But these products are far from ideal. For investors looking for a smarter solution, factor investing offers an alternative.

  • Leveraging new technologies in finance weblink

    White papers 27 November 2018

    We currently see a number of specific developments that make fintech an interesting investment theme for next year.

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