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  • Beyond Alignment: Contributing To The Sustainable Development Goals weblink

    White papers 7 October 2019

    How impact management contributes to specific targets and indicators behind each Sustainable Development Goal.

  • Corporate Governance In Emerging Markets: Harnessing Winds Of Change weblink

    White papers 2 October 2019

    Companies getting serious about shareholder value spell opportunities for investors.

  • Staying Nimble Amid an Uncertain Outlook weblink

    White papers 30 September 2019

    Our CIOs’ Global Investment Outlook highlights what shocks could affect the market and where they see opportunities.

  • Real Assets Could Be The Alternative weblink

    White papers 19 September 2019

    A call for nimble management in Allocation Views and highlighting a perspective on alternatives.

  • The Power of Emotions: Responsible Investment as a Motivator for Generation DC weblink

    White papers 18 September 2019

    Study of attitudes to pensions and responsible investment. There have been significant changes in the UK pension landscape in recent years following government action to dramatically increase participation rates. The policy of automatically enrolling eligible employees into a pension scheme has tackled some of the structural changes required.

  • Fixed Income: The Fed Calls Time For A Reality Check weblink

    White papers 18 September 2019

    Unreasonable expectations? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, believes Powell took a reasonable first step to rein in market expectations.

  • Digital Innovations—Pinpointing Fixed Income Credit Risks weblink

    White papers 6 September 2019

    Distinguishing which risks are more likely to pay in Fixed Income Markets versus those that probably won’t.

  • Discovering Value In Climate Change Investing weblink

    White papers 28 August 2019

    Integrating six climate considerations with impact on long-term business performance into an investment process.

  • On my mind: Yield curve hysteria weblink

    White papers 14 August 2019

    The inversion of the Treasury yield curve has recently gotten a lot of attention in the financial press as being a harbinger of economic malaise ahead.

  • Slower Global Growth a Rising Concern weblink

    White papers 13 August 2019

    Where is the global economy headed? Allocation Views discusses trade tensions and thoughts on allocation settings.

  • Trade Tensions Flare: Where Do We Go from Here? weblink

    White papers 9 August 2019

    Central bank actions and new trade tensions have created more questions than answers.

  • Boardroom Briefing: Engaging a New Generation of Investors weblink

    White papers 25 July 2019

    At our recent Global Investor Forum, we hosted a panel of prominent fintech entrepreneurs who shared their thoughts on the rationale for—and challenges of—appealing to Millennial customers.

  • Hedge Fund Strategy Outlook Q3 2019 weblink

    White papers 17 July 2019

    Changing rate environment, heterogeneity within Europe, and a combination of broad macro factors and idiosyncratic situations should create opportunities.

  • Green Bonds: Seeking New Opportunities To Invest For Good weblink

    White papers 15 July 2019

    Green bonds have quickly become common across jurisdictions, industries and currencies.

  • Five Reasons Why Investors Are Turning To Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds weblink

    White papers 10 July 2019

    Hard currency emerging markets (EM) corporate bonds are an under-appreciated and under-owned area of fixed income.

  • Health Care Sector Innovation—How Biopharma Scientists Save Lives Globally weblink

    White papers 9 July 2019

    Are the newest medicines science fiction? Equity Markets explores biotechnology entering the most transformative phase our health care analysts have seen in 25 years.

  • Where Bricks Are Beating Clicks—Implications For Last-Mile Real Estate weblink

    White papers 9 July 2019

    How e-commerce disruption helps real estate? Alternative Views explores the global demand shift from physical retail space to industrial logistics space.

  • Midyear Outlook: Reining In Risk weblink

    White papers 1 July 2019

    Equity markets continued to march higher in the first half of 2019, despite trade uncertainties and recessionary fears. An abrupt change to a more dovish stance among central bankers has recently provided fresh tinder to the equity fire. But does a looser policy stance signal there are cracks in the global economy’s foundation?

  • Emerging Market Bonds—Standing On Their Own Two Feet weblink

    White papers 19 June 2019

    Some data demonstrates a stronger resilience to rising US rate than typically expected.

  • China's Sci-Tech Board: Hope Or Hype? weblink

    White papers 19 June 2019

    What the new Nasdaq-Style exchange could mean for investors.

  • Expectations Diverge weblink

    White papers 14 June 2019

    A broad-based stock rally in the early part of this year extended a notable divergence to the less optimistic views being reflected in government bond markets.

  • Should Markets Heed Recession Warnings? weblink

    White papers 6 June 2019

    How are fundamentals? Ed Perks, our CIO of Multi Asset Solutions, describes the backdrop for the US remaining relatively strong.

  • Trade War: The Second Front weblink

    White papers 4 June 2019

    Head of Equities covers potential tariffs on Mexico and their implications.

  • Focus on the ESG change when scoring sovereigns download

    White papers 1 June 2019

    At Franklin Templeton, one of our best examples of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in macroeconomic research comes from the Templeton Global Macro team. The most important distinction in their approach comes from a forward-looking view.

  • Fixed Income: The EU—Singing From 28 Hymn Sheets weblink

    White papers 29 May 2019

    How can the latest European Parliamentary elections be described? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, covers hamstrung monetary policy and suggests the euro area may be more exposed to financial shocks.

  • Fixed Income: Embracing Tech Disruption weblink

    White papers 22 May 2019

    How can data science and new technology tools be applied to bond investing? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, sets the stage for greater infusion of data science into the investment process.

  • US / China Trade Tensions Are Testing Investors’ Nerves weblink

    White papers 20 May 2019

    Long-term investors view market volatility as a buying opportunity.

  • Automation For The People: Fintech In The Real World weblink

    White papers 10 May 2019

    How are demographics and technological advances changing financial services?

  • Five Building Blocks for Impact Management weblink

    White papers 1 May 2019

    This article seeks to provide an overview of the different tools available to impact investors when building an impact management system. They could fall into five categories – objectives, standards, certifications, methodologies and metrics – and come into play at different stages of the impact management process. Ultimately, each investor must decide which combination, and what degree of customization, is appropriate for their impact strategy.

  • Hedge Fund Strategy Outlook Q2 2019 weblink

    White papers 1 May 2019

    Changing rate environment, broad macroeconomic risks, and a dramatic repricing of volatility should create opportunities.

  • European Debt Disputes Make An Unhappy Union weblink

    White papers 24 April 2019

    David Zahn, our European Fixed Income expert, considers how Italy’s debt may impact the state of the European Union and why we favor bonds from Italy and Spain.

  • Central Banks Support A Sharp Market Rebound weblink

    White papers 5 April 2019

    Markets transition from a momentum-driven to a range-trading environment.

  • Fixed Income: Trade Wars—The Dog That Didn’t Bark weblink

    White papers 4 April 2019

    In the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of Silver Blaze,” during the night a prized race horse gets spirited away from his stable and its trainer gets murdered. In the investigation, Sherlock Holmes calls attention to what didn’t happen: The dog on the property did not bark.

  • Bulls Return To Emerging Markets In First Quarter Of 2019 weblink

    White papers 31 March 2019

    Solid economic growth, increased risk appetite and the availability of attractive investment opportunities in EMs have been key drivers of recent fund flows into the asset class. Supported by indications that the US Federal Reserve will no longer raise interest rates in 2019, this trend could continue.

  • China's Century? The Economic Giant's Next Act weblink

    White papers 28 March 2019

    Promising future if current efforts result in a sturdier and more sustainable economy.

  • Emerging Markets Come Of Age weblink

    White papers 28 March 2019

    Emerging markets (EMs) have made great strides in the past few decades, yet outdated perceptions about them persist. The implications are serious. Investors who hold on to old assumptions about EMs are likely to overlook the transformation of these economies—and systematically under-allocate to the fastest-growing parts of the world.

  • The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowing In Brazil's Wind weblink

    White papers 25 March 2019

    Alternative Views focuses on green infrastructure investment in Latin America.

  • Market Resilience: Strength In Numbers weblink

    White papers 22 March 2019

    Concerns about where the financial markets are heading are at the forefront of many investors’ minds. The risks of a US or global recession this year continue to persist amid slowing global growth, trade tensions and worries about potential geopolitical shocks.

  • Five Building Blocks For Impact Management. Impact in Practice: Social Infrastructure weblink

    White papers 19 March 2019

    As impact investing gathers pace, investors are refining their approach from an early emphasis on impact measurement – the practice of quantifying impact outputs and outcomes – to focus on impact management, a forward-looking approach that integrates impact considerations into each stage of the investment process.

  • Is the Green Bond Market Running out of Steam? weblink

    White papers 18 March 2019

    Growth in green bond issuance has been extraordinary given they offer no credit enhancement to other bonds and carry additional reporting requirements. Demand from investors with an environmentally focussed agenda appears to be driving green bond prices to a premium. A potential opportunity exists to identify ‘unlabelled’ debt, supportive of a sustainable future but not carrying the green bond premium. While ‘labelled’ green bond growth may no longer ...

  • Fixed Income: Modern Magical Thinking weblink

    White papers 13 March 2019

    Why should investors be concerned about the growing size of the US deficit?  Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, explains why there is dangerous thinking behind some political agendas.

  • Slower Growth - Equity Caution Quarterly Allocation Views weblink

    White papers 13 March 2019

    Allocation Views features the Franklin Templeton Multi-asset Solutions team recurring updates about the themes and investment theses driving their asset allocation frameworks.

  • 2019 long-term capital market expectations weblink

    White papers 11 March 2019

    We believe the global growth outlook is improving, supported by fiscal stimulus around the world, the pro-growth policies of the incoming US administration and stabilized growth in China. We also see inflation hovering in the moderate zone for the next five to 10 years.

  • An Update on our Global Macro ESG scores weblink

    White papers 15 February 2019

    Highlights six case studies of changing country scores in Global Macro Views.

  • Three Technology Titans Reshaping Retails weblink

    White papers 14 February 2019

    Multiple perspectives on digitizing retail in Equity Markets.

  • CIO view The Fed Will Hike Again Because … It Can weblink

    White papers 13 February 2019

    No more rate hikes this year? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, makes a different case.

  • Hedge Fund Strategy Outlook Q1 weblink

    White papers 31 January 2019

    Volatility returned, and asset classes were significantly challenged – often indiscriminately.

  • The Promise of Innovation - A Credit Perspective weblink

    White papers 31 January 2019

    Our fixed income experts explore innovation-driven risks and opportunities for bond investors.

  • Artificial Intelligence: A Real Opportunity weblink

    White papers 10 January 2019

    What should investors consider about AI? Our analysts and leading AI providers discuss.

  • Global Investment Outlook Q4: Distortion, Divergence and Diversification weblink

    White papers 11 December 2018

    Volatility has plagued equity markets globally in 2018—most notably emerging markets and US equity markets. As the US economic expansion officially crossed the nine-year mark in 2018, many investors started to wonder when the cycle would change—and what the catalyst might be.

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