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  • Ten years since the crisis: the risks have changed weblink

    White papers 13 September 2018

    Investors and policy makers have learned their lessons, but we may be looking in the wrong direction for the next dislocations.

  • What to watch at the end of the cycle weblink

    White papers 13 August 2018

    The world seems full of questions at the moment: Where are we in the cycle? How will the shift away from quantitative easing impact markets and the global economy? Are valuations more attractive now? What will be the fallout from the trade war? Here are some of my answers.

  • Geopolitics might be the wrong place to look for risk weblink

    White papers 25 April 2018

    As geopolitics once again takes centre stage, it is reasonable for investors to question the impact on the (rather mature) global economic cycle and on an (even more extended) market cycle across most equity and bond indices. But is where the risk is coming from?

  • I can't avoid risk. How do I take it wisely?

    White papers 6 March 2018

    How can investors best understand and be comfortable with the risks they are taking? What are the types of risks they should be aware of? And what are some of the tools available to mitigate them? These are the questions our clients are asking. Here, Fidelity Answers.