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  • Risk Factors, Macroeconomic Context And Forecasts - July 2019 download

    White papers 4 July 2019

    Risk FactorsThe table within the article presents risk factors with judgmental probabilities (i.e. not market based). It also develops the possible market impacts.  Macroeconomic Context - Our convictions and our scenariosThis section provides a reminder of our central scenario and alternative scenarios Macroeconomic picture by areaAn overview of the macroeconomic outlook for world’s major economic regions...

  • Q1 2019 - Global Asset Class Spotlights: Top Down Quarterly Assessment download

    White papers 13 March 2019

    The combination of monetary policy stances (more patient and flexible everywhere), encouraging tariff negotiations, Chinese authorities proving successful in their resolution to support the economic cycle are all potential triggers (and risks when mirrored) to risk assets and might help produce a positive short lasting reaction.

  • Deep dive in factor definitions and behaviors to better combine them download

    White papers 24 October 2018

    Anticipating the economic and financial environment evolution and its impact on equity market is not easy.

  • Tail Risk Adjusted Sharpe Ratio weblink

    White papers 5 October 2018

    The Sharpe Ratio has become a standard measure of portfolio management performance, taking into account the risk side. In that framework, the consideration of risk is reduced to returns volatility. The Sharpe Ratio does not encompass extreme risk, especially on the downside.

  • Seeking sustainable income in a low rate environment

    White papers 13 October 2017

    “Today income investors should explore opportunities across a broader range of asset classes in an effort to avoid the low yield trap”...

  • Cross Asset Investment Strategy: September 2017

    White papers 19 September 2017

    Find the latest edition of Amundi Research team’s monthly publication.

  • Floating Rate Notes can help prepare for a hike in interest rates download

    White papers 1 May 2017

    In a fast changing environment, FRNs are an increasingly attractive asset class, as they allow investors to reduce the sensitivity to interest rates fluctuations and to capture some potential yield.

  • Using factor investing to navigate choppy, low-return markets download

    White papers 1 May 2017

    Describing factors and how to implement them in portfolio construction...