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  • China’s Great Wall of Worry: Myths vs. Realities download

    White papers 5 June 2019

    China’s rise as a preeminent economic power makes it impossible for globally minded investors to ignore. With the integration of China’s domestic-listed equities and bonds into major global indices, the potential of investing in the broad economy is increasingly opening to the world. It’s time, then, for investors to familiarize themselves with misconceptions that can distort the view of China’s economy and corporate landscape.

  • Alternative Risk Premia: Why Diversify Beyond Style? weblink

    White papers 30 May 2019

    In the world of alternative risk premia, style premia have dominated. But they do have limitations. Investors should consider using a wider variety of strategies.

  • Evaluating the Effects of China’s Pork Crisis weblink

    White papers 20 May 2019

    African swine fever is ravaging China’s pork supply and having a global impact on protein prices. For equity investors, the crisis serves as a reminder that even amid trade-war uncertainty, research into domestic trends can help investors access the country’s vast stock market.

  • Climate-Proofing an Equity Portfolio weblink

    White papers 22 April 2019

    From rising sea levels to catastrophic weather events, investors can’t afford to ignore the risks of climate change. Since many companies would be vulnerable if current climate forecasts materialize, asset managers may want to consider climate change in their equity research process and engage management teams on the subject.

  • Responsible Returns: Better Stocks for a Better World weblink

    White papers 1 April 2019

    Many equity investors want to help create social benefits while generating strong returns. Achieving these twin goals requires a coherent investment approach. In this paper, we outline a process designed to effectively integrate environmental, social and governance factors in a sustainable equity strategy. Using stock examples, we demonstrate how to identify companies that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and offer sources of long-term return potential.

  • Insurers Need High-Tech Solutions in a Low-Liquidity World weblink

    White papers 29 March 2019

    Liquidity has become a precious commodity in fixed-income markets since the global financial crisis. Post-crisis regulations have made broker-dealers reluctant to warehouse large risks on their books, which in turn has made it more difficult for insurers and other institutional investors to trade large blocks of bonds quickly and efficiently.

  • The Importance of Diversity in Asset Management weblink

    White papers 19 March 2019

    Asset management has long been a male-dominated industry–but things are beginning to change. That’s because the best managers are devoting considerable time and resources to changing the situation.

  • Diversity in Action: Hear from Your Peers weblink

    White papers 19 March 2019

    Companies across industries are facing increased expectations to improve their record on diversity and inclusion (D&I). The challenges are enormous—from adding more women across the employment structure to narrowing the gender pay gap to reducing gender, age and ethnic bias in hiring decisions.

  • Horses, Not Camels: Diversity and Group Decision-Making weblink

    White papers 18 March 2019

    In the investing industry, we’re all well aware that our business isn’t a one-person endeavor. The basic problem-solving unit is quite often a group or team. But how do we create the right formula that ensures groups make thoughtful, effective decisions and avoid bad ones?

  • ESG – Seeing the Bigger Picture : Managing ESG Factors Thoughtfully For UK DC Schemes weblink

    White papers 14 March 2019

    Just over a decade ago, global markets began to recover from the biggest shock in postwar history. In these 10 charts, we aim to show how much has changed since then and how market conditions over the past decade may influence big changes that are beginning to unfold today.

  • Doing the Math on Women’s Empowerment weblink

    White papers 8 March 2019

    No one organization is responsible for the advancement of women, and that means every organization is. Women’s empowerment starts with education. It continues with the ability to earn an equitable living, especially in fields where women are underrepresented, and crests with women playing leadership roles at work or owning their own businesses.

  • Disrupting the $50 Trillion Bond Market video

    White papers 28 November 2018

    Fixed-income investing hasn’t kept up with the rapid pace of technological advances in the rest of the financial industry.

  • The Future of Fixed Income: How Tech will Revolutionize Asset Management download

    White papers 27 November 2018

    Artificial intelligence, automation and predictive analytics are transforming virtually every industry, but bond investing has lagged.

  • Responsible Investing Roundtable: Experiences from Around the World weblink

    White papers 8 October 2018

    AllianceBernstein asked four institutions around the world to share their thoughts about the opportunities and challenges of responsible investing in their investment plans.

  • Nine ESG Questions You Should Be Asking Your Manager weblink

    White papers 8 October 2018

    Figuring out whether your money is funding issuers that are effective stewards of their corporations, society and the environment starts with asking your asset managers pointed questions about how they incorporate environmental, social and governance concerns into their processes.

  • Do default investment strategies align with members' needs? weblink

    White papers 2 October 2018

    This report, published by the PPI and sponsored by AllianceBernstein, evaluates the alignment of DC default investment strategies with members’ needs, and the most appropriate assessment for delivering value for money.

  • DC Default Solutions—Managing ESG Factors Thoughtfully weblink

    White papers 2 October 2018

    Environmental, social and governance is already a hot topic—and new proposals by the Department for Work and Pensions are turning up the heat on pension trustees.

  • Better Than A Benchmark: Grassroots Research video

    White papers 12 September 2018

    By going on the ground in emerging markets and talking to people in their homes, equity investors can develop research insights about long-term, powerful trends driven by environmental and social sustainability.

  • Are Global Investors Ready for China? download

    White papers 27 June 2018

    China onshore stocks and bonds account for around less than 2% of most foreign investors’ portfolios. But this will soon change.

  • Alternative Risk Premia: What You Need To Know download

    White papers 25 May 2018

    Long bull markets in both equities and bonds have rewarded investors for backing traditional risk premia—notably the equity risk premium, the term premium and the credit premium.

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