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  • Refining Risk Management for an Uncertain World weblink

    White papers 24 September 2019

    Investors are facing a strategic conundrum in a world of vast political, macroeconomic and market risks. In this environment, generating a better risk/return balance requires a deeper understanding of the sources of risk across asset classes and new data analysis techniques.

  • Portfolio Risk Management: A Multidimensional Perspective weblink

    White papers 23 September 2019

    Asset allocation, effective portfolio design and dynamic management have always been powerful tools for battling volatile markets, but risk has come into even sharper focus lately. Economic growth is slowing, yields are low and stocks have taken several tumbles. Investors are looking for new ways to tackle risk.

  • Cluster Analysis: Managing Risks You Didn’t Know You Had weblink

    White papers 20 September 2019

    From anthropology to politics, analysts in many fields have used cluster analysis to help decipher complex relationships for nearly 90 years. But investment firms are only beginning to discover the powerful applications for detecting unknown risks lurking in market behavior patterns.

  • Investors Can Hold US Companies Accountable to Roundtable Pledges weblink

    White papers 29 August 2019

    Leading US CEOs recently pledged to redefine the role of the corporation in society. But will they make good on their promises? Responsible investors need a clear way to evaluate whether a company is really making progress by doing good for both society and investors.

  • Three Ways to Manage Liquidity Risk in Bond Markets weblink

    White papers 23 August 2019

    Liquidity risk has grabbed headlines recently after several high-profile funds imploded. The hunt is on to find ways to manage liquidity risk and protect portfolios against further setbacks—but not all investors will be up to the task.

  • Are Distressed Small Banks Putting China’s Banking System at Risk? weblink

    White papers 21 August 2019

    It’s been 20 years since a Chinese bank failed. But recent bailouts of three regional lenders have raised concerns about systemic problems in China’s financial sector. While risks have grown for China’s smaller banks, we believe that the Chinese banking system remains robust.

  • Does Sustainable Investing Constrain a Portfolio? weblink

    White papers 13 August 2019

    Sustainable investing is often misunderstood. Many investors think a sustainable agenda limits a portfolio to a narrow piece of the market. In fact, plenty of stocks can help investors create social benefits while generating strong returns—if you know how to find them.

  • China’s Currency Weakness: Not as Bad as it Seems—Yet weblink

    White papers 7 August 2019

    China’s currency depreciated this week, with the exchange rate rising to more than 7.0 renminbi per US dollar, unnerving investors and markets worldwide. Here’s the good news: we don’t think the renminbi will continue to weaken at the same pace.

  • Is a New Front About to Open in the US-China Trade War? weblink

    White papers 5 August 2019

    Financial markets are focused on the ongoing trade war between the US and China—which goods and services are in play and what measures are being taken or threatened in each case. But the trade conflict could spill over into currency markets—and that’s a risk that bears watching.

  • Midyear Bond Outlook: Making Sense of Conflicting Signals weblink

    White papers 1 August 2019

    The first half of 2019 was kind to financial markets. Will the good times keep on rolling? In our view, that will depend on whether loosening monetary policy is still an effective way to boost growth.

  • Why Asset Managers Need Their Own Social Networks weblink

    White papers 21 June 2019

    The digital age gave professional investors near-instantaneous access to a vast trove of data, but organizational silos have sometimes prevented subsequent insights from spreading widely. That’s changing, however, as new digital platforms make it easier for money managers to share real-time information with colleagues across asset classes and strategies.

  • Turning Big Data into Big Investment Insights weblink

    White papers 20 June 2019

    What do airline ticket prices, car sales and thousands of corporate filings have in common? In each of these areas, we applied advanced big data techniques to tackle an equity investing conundrum that couldn’t be solved by human researchers alone.

  • How Machine Learning Can Help Bond Investors weblink

    White papers 19 June 2019

    When a group of graduate students asked Warren Buffett about the best way to prepare for an investing career, he held up a stack of Securities and Exchange Commission filings. “Read 500 pages like this every day,” he told them. “That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest.”...

  • Cracking the Code: Investment Management Tackles Data Science weblink

    White papers 19 June 2019

    Data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are hot topics in investment management, as firms look for new ways to model investing problems and generate differentiated insights. But data science is also relatively new to the industry—and that means growing pains. What does it take to get it right?

  • China’s Great Wall of Worry: Myths vs. Realities download

    White papers 5 June 2019

    China’s rise as a preeminent economic power makes it impossible for globally minded investors to ignore. With the integration of China’s domestic-listed equities and bonds into major global indices, the potential of investing in the broad economy is increasingly opening to the world. It’s time, then, for investors to familiarize themselves with misconceptions that can distort the view of China’s economy and corporate landscape.

  • Alternative Risk Premia: Why Diversify Beyond Style? weblink

    White papers 30 May 2019

    In the world of alternative risk premia, style premia have dominated. But they do have limitations. Investors should consider using a wider variety of strategies.

  • Evaluating the Effects of China’s Pork Crisis weblink

    White papers 20 May 2019

    African swine fever is ravaging China’s pork supply and having a global impact on protein prices. For equity investors, the crisis serves as a reminder that even amid trade-war uncertainty, research into domestic trends can help investors access the country’s vast stock market.

  • Climate-Proofing an Equity Portfolio weblink

    White papers 22 April 2019

    From rising sea levels to catastrophic weather events, investors can’t afford to ignore the risks of climate change. Since many companies would be vulnerable if current climate forecasts materialize, asset managers may want to consider climate change in their equity research process and engage management teams on the subject.

  • Responsible Returns: Better Stocks for a Better World weblink

    White papers 1 April 2019

    Many equity investors want to help create social benefits while generating strong returns. Achieving these twin goals requires a coherent investment approach. In this paper, we outline a process designed to effectively integrate environmental, social and governance factors in a sustainable equity strategy. Using stock examples, we demonstrate how to identify companies that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and offer sources of long-term return potential.

  • Insurers Need High-Tech Solutions in a Low-Liquidity World weblink

    White papers 29 March 2019

    Liquidity has become a precious commodity in fixed-income markets since the global financial crisis. Post-crisis regulations have made broker-dealers reluctant to warehouse large risks on their books, which in turn has made it more difficult for insurers and other institutional investors to trade large blocks of bonds quickly and efficiently.

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